January 13, 2020

The French chef demonstrates his monocolour penchant with a beetroot offering.

In the Madrid Fair auditorium Guillaume Sanchez demonstrated the culinary potential of the humble beetroot. He cooked it in its own juice during a talk which revealed his preference for single-colour cookery. He even removed the yellow leaves from the flowers so that only the colour purple would stand out during the presentation of his creation. Flowers that give the dish “maximum freshness and an even more natural touch”.

Sanchez did not do much talking. Talking in words, that is. His hands moved around as he confitted the beetroot, creating a “very special texture”. On the subject of the juice of the tubercle, this soldier’s son born in Bordeaux explained that heating it for four hours produces a “highly concentrated singular texture”. “We add a little citric acid, and the combination gives us a bit more taste and prevents oxidation”, said the chef of NeSo, his Paris restaurant which has already earned its first Michelin star.

Sanchez opened his new eatery after taking part in a TV pastry contest (his initial training), spending 14 months travelling through the Balkans and Central Asia, and returning to television in Top Chef 2016.