January 14, 2020

Student Pablo García, who competed with the help of chef Óscar García (Baluarte, Soria), took first place in the Aula Makro-Choose Your Assistant competition, which was held as part of #REALEMF20.

Today we met the winner of a new edition of the Choose Your Assistant Competition organised by Aula Makro (literally Makro Classroom). The winner was Pablo García, a student from IES Valle de Aller (Asturias), who won the competition accompanied by chef Óscar García (Baluarte, Soria). In this competition, participants had to cook recipes created by themselves together with a well-known chef.

The other teams taking part included Joan Campillo (Basque Culinary Center, San Sebastian) and Cristina Figueira (El Xato, Alicante); Ramón González (CETT Barcelona) and Jesús Segura (Trivio, Cuenca), and Santiago Realpe (ESHT Alcalá de Henares, Madrid) and Pablo González Conejero (La Cabaña, Murcia).

The jury for the competition, through which Makro rewards the future of Spanish cuisine, was chaired by Peter Gries, Benjamín Lana and Andoni Luis Aduriz.