January 13, 2020

The chef plays at home to present some of the creations which come out of Coque.

Mario Sandoval has not missed the get-together at Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión over the last decade. The chef from Madrid explained at the evening session of the first day that his intention has always been to come up with tangible things, with products that can be bought by consumers or that can be acquired by other restaurants from their usual suppliers. And new ideas he is developing at Coque. “This year is magic, for us to be able to talk about cooking from the land”, said the Madrid-born chef. “We’re here to tell a story, and that’s what we like”, he explained. This story is made up of unprecedented emulsions.

The chef from Humanes showed the audience as many as four different dishes. All with emulsions. The first was a flower made with the ingredients of beer and ‘fried’ in liquid nitrogen with pistachio and olive. A ‘Spanish appetiser’ followed by a red tuna fish gazpachuelo (tangy broth). “The eye of the tuna is the place with the most fat, not the belly”, said Sandoval. A broth was made from dried tuna flakes and katsuobushi. Then the fat from above was used to make the emulsion. “Nothing is wasted”, the chef stressed.

The third presentation was a pil pil of piglet’s trotters. “Like from the sea but from the land”, said Sandoval, who presented a sauce between two worlds that was crowned with an Andalusian-style pie. “As it has always been done”, he stressed. And lastly, he presented a hollandaise sauce made with ox marrow.