Alberto Ferruz

October 19, 2018

The discreet giant

Weight 75 kilos. 75 kilos of absolute determination. Of devotion. Height 1.75 metres. But his stature, on a professional and personal level, is far greater. In fact, this man from Cariñena is growing fast. So fast that, sooner or later, he’ll reach the stars. All three of them. As well as whatever he desires. He has the training, passion and a calm ambition to achieve it. He is enthusiastic, has principles and, above all, the right attitude to accomplish what he sets out to do. Mind you, always discreetly. Alberto Ferruz is a cook who tiptoes ahead, despite having huge feet and the stride of a giant. A discreet giant who leaps from pan to pan and flies between them like a magnificent eagle soaring over the Mediterranean. A tranquil sea that caught him and to which he surrendered. Mind you, in his own way. Ferruz is elegant and loyal, shy until he’s not, quiet until he starts talking, diplomatic until you give him an inch and he’ll bare his soul. A soul which, from when he was a teenager, found its place in the kitchen. As if he had handed over his very existence to the goddess Gastronomy and she, in exchange, had blessed him with the magic of alchemy. An act of trueque (barter), and the name of this past season’s menu at BonAmb. A barter of excellence. Because in exchange for this devotion of heart and soul to gastronomy, she endowed him with the virtue of creating sumptuous dishes: pork belly with toasted-milk whey; mallard with an extraordinary stuffing; his sea-inspired pappardelle, where sea anemones and scallops are combined with a delicate jus of chickpeas, miso, creamed ham... This is what Ferruz is all about. This amalgam of ingredients and techniques that are a reflection of him, but also of the land where he has put down roots. Of his Xàbia, his sea, and his people. This land where he dreams up new projects and sets himself new goals: a restaurant by the beach serving traditional food – from Casa Pepa and onwards (still farther) with his BonAmb. Step by step, there is no stopping him. Like an eagle from the Algairén Sierra who has flown all the way to Mount Montgó. Jesús Trelis