Árpád Györffy

October 19, 2018
Arpad Gyorffy   The chef at Kollázs is seeking to reinvent modern bistro cuisine. His creations aim to offer a breath of fresh air. Shunning the rules of simplicity and introducing bold, sophisticated variations, he plays with textures and imbues everything a generous dose, as he himself puts it, of adrenalin! His cuisine follows the principle of collage (Kollázs, in Hungarian) that is mirrored in the name of the establishment, located in the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel in Budapest. His creations juxtapose, play and dialogue with recipes for Hungarian and French dishes. Rotisserie and haute cuisine.  Authentic, rustic brasserie dishes are given a special twist to create original combinations that aim to highlight certain flavours. And his unquestionably innovative dishes, always based on top-quality local produce, are presented in such a way as to sweep us from simplicity to sophistication in little more than a sigh. Originally, Arpad wanted to be a pilot, but then fell in love with the atmosphere of a professional kitchen and the skies lost out. His journey as a chef began at Alabardos, in Budapest, from where he went on to become executive chef of the prestigious Russian restaurant, Arany Kaviár, before joining Kollázs. At the start of his career, Arpad took part in several competitions, coming 2nd in the Hungarian National Cooking competition in 2011, and then, in 2013 he won 3rd place for the Bocuse d’Or[r1]  Hungary competition. Overlooking the Chain Bridge and the River Danube, Kollázs Brasserie & Bar is a contemporary brasserie in a historical place in the heart of Budapest. An establishment that captures the city’s dynamic spirit: historical yet contemporary, timeless, fresh, glamorous and laid-back. Gyorffy’s cuisine is a faithful reflection of that spirit. By Miguel Ángel Rincón