Carolina Martín Gutiérrez

December 15, 2019

Artificial intelligence at the service of gastronomy

Today’s new artificial intelligence systems make it possible to use real-time analytics to analyse the world’s entire pantry; this is done using the compiled information provided by millions of social network users on five continents. All of these spontaneous opinions are studied and transformed into emotions and feelings. And this goes for any ingredient, dish or experience that a diner evaluates. It is thus possible to know their preferences, to know if a certain ingredient produces a positive feeling, one of joy, euphoria or admiration, or, conversely, a negative reaction of displeasure, anger or fear. We are able to ascertain that ingredients or flavours such as chipotle, hemp or aquafaba are among the favourites in Oceania; pink guava or tamarind is popular in Asia; chayote, lucuma and guaraní are loved in Latin America; kombucha, moringa and kombu seaweed are particularly liked in Europe; and passion fruit and baobab are favourites in Africa. Continuous technological advances, with big data spearheading the way, allow ideas to extend from the local to the global; inspiration that is found in ethnic and regional flavours create new gastronomic experiences and singular dishes that are tailored to customers. The future lies in finding the best combinations of ingredients to create the perfect dish at any time. In Spain alone, the demand for organic produce and products has increased by 40% in two years. Consumer awareness is the bedrock for the future for any restaurant. It is they who keep a business alive. It is they who make it grow. It is therefore essential to know their tastes and preferences in order to be able to offer them the dishes they seek. Juan C. Martínez-García and Carolina Martín Gutiérrez, from the Cerealto Siro Foods group, will talk about all of this at this edition of Madrid Fusión. Juan C. Martínez-García, Managing Director of I+DEA – Cerealto Siro Foods’ technological partner – is a programme manager with an excellent track record in product development, processes, research, control and innovation, efficiency and productivity throughout the food product value chain. Carolina Martín Gutiérrez, Head of Market Intelligence & Process Innovation at I+DEA, is passionate about food, and comes up with real answers that meet consumer needs. She is extremely knowledgeable about the market and – together with her technical and technological experience – applies innovation and cooperation when designing and developing products and processes, which always seek to offer the most efficient solution. Cerealto Siro Foods, together with IBM Services, has designed I+Radar, an artificial intelligence tool that unbiasedly analyses and anticipates the tastes and preferences of diners and consumers to create food and gastronomic experiences in a more efficient and global way; these are better adapted to the needs of the end consumer, and are an improvement on traditional market research methods that are more localised, slower and more expensive. Created when Grupo Siro and Cerealto merged, this multinational manufactures food products for retailers and food brand companies. Its team is made up of around 4,800 people in 17 production centres located in Spain, Portugal, Italy, the United Kingdom and Mexico, as well as a sales team in the United States. In 2018 it launched over 250 new products in the different markets where it operates.