David Rubert

October 22, 2018
David Rubert Boher David Rubert specialized in Hotel Management at the Sant Narcís Hospitality School in Girona and has a degree in Tourism from the University of Barcelona. He runs Persapia Proyectos y Formación, a company specializing in the hospitality, restaurant and gastronomy sector and dedicated to designing consulting projects and training plans for companies in Spain and abroad, restaurant industry chains and groups, franchises and independent establishments. In addition, and complementing the above, he works with different universities and business schools giving lectures for Master’s and Postgraduate degrees, is a contributor to numerous specialized publications, and owns various businesses in the restaurant and hospitality industry sectors. His presence at Madrid Fusión 2019, however, is not due to his extensive career as an entrepreneur, but rather to the way he has condensed the fruits gained from his experience and knowledge in his book La cuenta, por favor, published by Planeta Gastro. It is an essential reference book for businesspeople and entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry, in which Rubert goes over all the elements that must be taken into account for the proper running and optimal management of small, medium and large companies in the sector. In the book, he analyzes and offers a step-by-step explanation for each stage of the evolution of a business, from its start-up to its consolidation or possible closure, taking into account decisive aspects such as sales profitability and expense management in order to be able to make, in each moment and situation, the best decisions for the business. He wrote the book with today’s environment in mind; one that is constantly evolving and increasingly complicated, where competition with new business models that break with traditional order reaches a degree of complexity never before experienced in the hospitality industry. By Miguel Ángel Rincón