Ferran Adrià

October 3, 2018
Ferran Adrià Eight years on since that morning in 2011, in Madrid Fusión’s auditorium when Ferran Adrià announced that he was closing elBulli, our most universal and influential cook is back to explain, in person, the characteristics that will define the first crop of candidates for the creative team of his new project to be launched in 2020: elBulli 1846. elBulli 1846, located on the Cala Montjoi (Roses) bay, is on the site of the old restaurant, as well as Marketta’s house – an old family home just metres from the restaurant – that are now part of the new complex; a project that took over five years of design, study and work to respectfully adapt the buildings architecturally into the Cap de Creus nature reserve. In 2019, the place will be home to a research lab and exhibition space that will continue the projects begun at elBulliLab in Barcelona, and that are part of the set of initiatives of the elBulli Foundation. There, various projects – based on Sapiens and its motto ‘understand to create’ – will be undertaken with different top-level creative teams. The goal: to research, in a practical way, approaches as crucial as innovation and efficiency in processes used in the restaurant industry. In addition, its vision is to obtain useful results and concrete ideas related to creativity that can be disseminated via the internet and put at the service of entrepreneurs and SMEs linked to the world of food. So, what is Sapiens all about? Well, it’s a specific methodology that is rooted in four basic principles: questioning the status quo; a scientific approach; a search for efficiency; and a global outlook. With that in mind, the system seeks to organize and connect all the elements, data and information available to achieve understanding and, ultimately, comprehend the phenomena. elBulli1846 will hold: live exhibitions that will be part of the work approach for the team as well as a research tool; and events aimed at exploring the limits of the gastronomic experience. The centre will also open its doors in a methodical and controlled way so that the future will become a visitable space. Ferran Adrià is back. And Madrid Fusión 2019 will be the platform for the launch of his open call to recruit researchers from every field who are willing to be involved in the cooking that is to come. We are very eager to experience it. By Miguel Ángel Rincón