Juan Manuel Mostazo

October 22, 2018
Fernando Sánchez, Lourdes Villalba, Juan Manuel Mostazo (Buchinger Wilhelmi)   Buchinger Wilhelmi, with a clinic in Marbella, is one of the world’s leading centres for therapeutic fasting, integrative medicine and inspiration. A description some might find disconcerting, but our society, which has offered us progress, advances and conveniences, has also imposed a series of challenges for our health that stem not only from the pace of life we take on, but also from the imbalances our food world is facing.   With this in mind, the Buchinger Wilhelmi concept, which is based on over a hundred years of experience, works hand in hand with university research centres. The two clinics, one on Lake Constance, in Germany, and the other in the peaceful surroundings of Marbella, have interdisciplinary teams that work with guests, help them modify their eating habits – with no discomfort at all – and support them in the re-establishment of a healthy pace of life.   This edition of Madridfusión [r1] is delighted to welcome representatives of the clinic’s team, headed by its executive chef, Fernando Sánchez, who is in charge of creating the culinary offer. Dishes are of the highest quality, are natural, and focus on locally sourced produce that is organically grown and produced with the most cutting-edge techniques. Lourdes Villalba, head of the complex’s R&D, works closely with Sánchez, as does Juan Manuel Mostazo, head of kitchen operations: they will introduce the attendees at the congress to the natural techniques the clinic uses to cleanse the body of toxins and fat in an ambience that is relaxing and rewarding[r2] .   The treatments have been designed to envelop patients in a pleasant, relaxing environment with an emphasis on everything natural. The challenge: to return to a past pace of life, with normality and good habits acquired as a way of relieving tension, avoiding stress and improving quality of life. Theirs is a progressive method that combines knowledge from when the clinic was first founded with the resources that modern science offers today. The team puts their all into their work because, they believe, there is nothing as inspiring and beautiful as helping people to be in charge of their own health and well-being.   By Pablo Amate [r1]Aparece todo en una sola palabra, pero en otros perfiles viene como Madrid Fusión. [r2]En el documento Final ok-13nov Pieza Principal MF19-EN, que ya hemos traducido la asignación de puestos es distinta: Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic: Lourdes Villalba (R&D), Juan Manuel Mostazo (Head Chef) and Fernando Sánchez (Gastronomy and Nutrition)