Marcos Reguera, Maestro Picolier

October 24, 2018
Marcos Reguera He has dedicated his professional life to gastronomy, working in every area of management and for all types of companies, from large centralized kitchens to catering companies, to fine-dining restaurants. He is a veritable specialist in the world of spices, and an encyclopaedia on aromas. The son of parents from Galicia and Extremadura who settled in Jaén, his professional life started out being linked to the family business: a centralized kitchen where he learned, from the start, the basics of how to manage raw materials, pricing, and food production and packaging systems. Following that first stage, he embarked on an adventure and set up his own gastronomic restaurant called Curanto, offering, for over five years, high-end creative cuisine in the city of Jaén. After it closed in 2004, Reguera took over the gastronomic management of Grupo Cerro Puerta, a company that organizes luxury celebrations and events, and where he was responsible for modernizing the company’s culinary offer and imbuing it with a new dose of culinary creativity. He worked there for ten years, managing the culinary teams until he decided to redirect his career and consult for different companies in the food industry that were interested in adding gastronomic value to what they offered. That was the basis of the start of his relationship with the firm Verstegen Spices & Sauces – a Dutch company that is a market leader of quality sauces and spices – working on the design, creation and testing of new products and acting as a consultant for the company on a technical and commercial level in Spain. It was the first step in a direction that has been constant since then, offering his expertise to brands such as MareDeus Food Solutions, Sandwich LM, Mariscos Castellar, and Aceites Castillo de Canena. A member of the Andalusian Academy of Gastronomy and Tourism, master ‘picolier’, Marcos Reguera has over twenty-five years of experience in product development and in the design and materialization of concepts applicable to the food industry as well as to the restaurant industry. By Miguel Ángel Rincón