Conferences and Tastings of MADRID FUSIÓN 2006, IV International Gastronomy Summit

CONFERENCES: 17, JANUARY (TUESDAY) TABLE MAGIC: SEDUCTION OF THE MISE EN SCèNE PATROCINADOR: EMAH PONENTES: Borja Artiñano, Poncheville Catering Everything surrounding a table is important. Ambient comfort, the layout of the objects and their very design plus the lighting and silence: all of them are crucial factors in their own right. MAKE YOUR OWN PATROCINADOR: Altadis Would you like to make your own Havana cigar? For an hour the room will become a school. Each participant will find the cigar-making tools in his or her place: a rolling table, a chaveta (special curved cigar-roller's knife), a head cutter, tobacco leaves and vegetable gum; there will also be a guillotine, water, glasses and ashtrays. After watching how it is done, each participant will then take his or her own turn at rolling the cigar. A truly unforgettable experience for real aficionados. REVOLUTION IN RESTAURANT WINE CELLARS: THE DIGITAL MENU PATROCINADOR: C.R.D.O. Rioja PONENTES: Josep Roca, Rest. El Celler de Can Roca Rafael Sandoval, Rest. COQUE Jesús Flores, Director del Aula Española del Vino Luis García de la Navarra, Presidente de la Asociación de Sumilleres de Madrid José Antonio Polo, Rest. Atrio Wine menus are no longer produced as before. A new system - the digital menu - is now coming into its own. The customer picks out the country and type of wine using a pointer on a screen and is then shown a photo of the winemaker and his/her vineyards. The renowned Josep Roca (Restaurante El Celler de Can Roca) and Rafael Sandoval (Restaurante Coque) explain their respective systems to us. 18, JANUARY (WEDNESDAY) CHOCOLATE IN RESTAURANTS:AFTER DINING TRENDS. PATROCINADOR: Solé Graells PONENTES: Miguel Sierra, Pastelería Palermo Delicatessen Julio Blanco, Pastelería Pomme Sucre Water chocolates, smoked or grilled chocolates..., avant garde confectionery has burst onto the after-dinner scene in restaurants. Chocolate is used to prepare the last delightful touch that lingers on in the customer's mind. FROM BREAKFAST TO BRUNCH. THE LATEST URBAN TREND PATROCINADOR: Vista Alegre PONENTES: Francisco Patón, Hotel Urban Félix García, Hotel Urban More than a fad, this is becoming a trend and an important money spinner for restaurants and hotels offering the service. Ideally, the breakfast, turned into a full meal, is not a conventional buffet, but rather hot dishes à la carte. STATE-OF-THE-ART FRUIT AND VEGETABLES. BREAKTHROUGHS IN THE GREEN WORLD. PATROCINADOR: Dole Food PONENTES: Luis Pacheco, Gold Gourmet All professional cooks have to keep abreast of all the latest developments in vegetables. Globalisation is ushering in new exotic or designer products. The latest innovation might be a side dish or a new way of breaking the moulds. THE MEAT THAT IS ALL THE RAGE: UNKNOWN CUTS OF IBERIAN PIG PATROCINADOR: COVAP PONENTES: Miguel Ángel Díaz Yubero It is all the rage in Japan and the latest trend in Spain. It is compared to Kobe beef and the most refined tastes of the meat world. Richly veined with fat and raised on the best food, the result is succulent and unique. Whatever choice cut is involved - pluma, presa or secreto - the juiciness and exquisiteness of this meat is guaranteed. We are shown the ropes by Miguel Ángel Díaz Yubero, Director General of COVAP. EXCITING STYLES OF WINE IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD PATROCINADOR: Freixenet PONENTES: Fernando Gurucharri, President of the Spanish Winetasters' Union Gerry Dawes, American wine writer Claudio Mollo, Italian wine writer José Luis González Cledera, Manager of Vinoselección Rut Cotroneo, Sommelier Wine is changing at breakneck speed. Not only the winemaking methods but also the tastes and trends. There are significant differences between the Old and New World. Which wines will be the vogue in the coming years? Three international wine experts, Gerry Dawes (United States), Claudio Mollo (Italy) and José Luis González Cledera (Spain), spell out the keys to the future. 19, JANUARY (THURSDAY) CHEESE TROLLEYS AND TRAYS IN RESTAURANTS, THE LAST RAGE PATROCINADOR: Lácteas García Baquero PONENTES: Abel Valverde, Rest. Santceloni José Manuel Escorial y Merino, Cofradía del Queso Manchego They are an alternative to dessert or a complement in their own right; a touch of refinement that no self-respecting restaurant can now afford to ignore. But good cheese trays call for painstaking care; the choice, conservation and cuts all need to be flawless. CANNED FISH IN HAUTE CUISINE. CANS WITH A VINTAGE PATROCINADOR: Anfaco PONENTES: Alberto Chicote, Rest. NODO Juan Pablo Felipe, Rest. El Chaflán Sacha Hormaechea, Rest. Sacha Andrés Madrigal, Rest. Balzac Paco Roncero, Rest. La Terraza de El Casino de Madrid Spain produces the best canned fish in the world. Some canned fish even improves with time like the best wine. Five top cooks, Alberto Chicote, Juan Pablo Felipe, Sacha Hormaechea, Andrés Madrigal and Paco Roncero show us how to turn a can into an exquisite dish. A blue riband prêt à porter. WINEGLASSES TO SUIT THE WINE. DESIGN IN THE SERVICE OF FLAVOUR PATROCINADOR: Domecq Bodegas PONENTES: Fernando Gurucharri, Presidente de la Unión Española de Catadores Enrique Calduch, Crítico de vinos del periódico Expansión Luis Miguel Martín, Sumiller Nobody would deny that a wine tastes different depending on the wineglass it is drunk from. A wine's nuances and organoleptic qualities are changed by the design and shape of the glass it is served from. Fernando Gurucharri, Luis Miguel Martín and Enrique Calduch will guide assistants through a singular wine-tasting session in which an unmatured wine, an oak-aged white and reserva red will be tasted in several types of glasses to see the differences they make. THE SECRETS OF COFFEE: HOW TO MAKE THE BEST CUP OF COFEE PATROCINADOR: Nescafé -Nestlé PONENTES: Ricardo Oteros, Supracafé Salvador Sans, Cafés El Magnífico What seems to be simple turns out to be tricky. Recently-toasted, top-quality beans are not always a guarantee of cups of coffee with the right texture and aromatic concentration. Thousands of crucial factors impinge on the final result. What are the secrets to success? Ricardo Oteros, a coffee specialist, together with Salvador Sans, proprietor of Cafés El Magnífico, the best coffee shop in Spain, tell us how to do it. TASTING: 17, JANUARY (TUESDAY)
PATROCINADOR: Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior (ICEX)
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