Conferences and Tastings of MADRID FUSIÓN 2007, V International Gastronomy Summit

CONFERENCES: 16, JANUARY (TUESDAY) ALGAE, THE NEW SEA VEGETABLES PATROCINADOR: PORTO-MUIÑOS y VITIVINICOLA DEL RIBEIRO PONENTES: Antonio Muiños, Porto-Muiños Manuel Castro, Enólogo Vitivinícola del Ribeiro Seaweed (from the new vegetable pantry) opens new horizons in gourmet cuisine. Light, gelatinous, with iodine flavors, they can be combined in a thousand ways with other ingredients. Their characteristics will be described and a tasting will be organized with wines from the Ribeiro wine growers' co-op, Colección Costeira. IBERIAN APPETIZERS TO AMAZE PATROCINADOR: JAMONES CARRASCO PONENTES: Atanasio Carrasco, Gerente Jamones Carrasco Roger Augets, Chef Jamones Carrasco The Carrasco brothers, producers of one of the best Iberian hams from Guijuelo, offer a delightful collection of ham appetizers. They are wonderful little morsels, invented by chef Roger Aubets, which represent a new frontier in creative concepts. The delicious flavors will surprise you. FASHION RESTAURANTS, MARKETING OR CUISINE? PATROCINADOR: EMAH PONENTES: Manuel Robledo - Presidente Comess Group Why are certain urban restaurants successful? What is more important in a restaurant: its interior decorating or the food? What is the most appropriate price policy? What are the resources that determine success in the new restaurant scene? "Comess Group" Director Manuel Robledo reveals his secrets. TEMPRANILLO: ONE VARIETY, A THOUSAND WINES PATROCINADOR: Domecq Bodegas PONENTES: Juan Antonio Mompó, Director General Domcecq Bodegas Elena Adell, Enóloga Bodegas Domecq Although tempranillo, the Spanish grape par excellence, grows in the heart of La Rioja, its kingdom extends from Ribera del Duero (fine red) to La Mancha (cencibel). The wine cellars of Bodegas y Bebidas include outstanding samples from different regions, which the will demonstrate, with a wine tasting, the grape's adaptation to different lands. BIODYNAMIC VITICULTURE: MYTH OR REALITY? PATROCINADOR: LA RENAISSANCE DES APPELLATIONS. EL RESURGIR DE LAS DENOMINACIONES DE ORIGEN. PONENTES: Nicolás Joly SENSITIVE CRYSTALLISATION: THE GEOMETRIC REPRESENTATION OF LIFE FORCES IN FOOD PATROCINADOR: La Renaissance des Appellations - El Resurgir de las Denominaciones de Origen. PONENTES: Margarethe Aussenac 17, JANUARY (WEDNESDAY BUBBLY FOREST SCENTS: TRUFFLES AND CHAMPAGNE PATROCINADOR: CATESA y MOET HËNESSY PONENTES: José Ignacio Ruiz Barbarin, Director AROZT Vicent Chaperon, Enólogo DOM PERIGNON Black truffles from Soria ("tuber melanosporum"), harvested by the Arotz company, accompanied by the mythical champagne "Dom Perignon": could there possibly be a more glamorous combination? Two major firms, one Spanish and one French, merge fleetingly to tell us what they have in common. Truffles will be served with champagne, naturally. THE REVOLUTION OF DRY MARTINI PATROCINADOR: BACARDI ESPAÑA, S.A. PONENTES: Javier de las Muelas, Planter´s Punch The world of cocktails is experiencing a revolution. Thanks to the well known professional Javier de las Muelas, the famous dry martini, perhaps the best known cocktail in the world, is used as the base for a balancing act of harmonious combinations. Iced cocktails with truffle, Mexican chili pepper or foie gras flavors accompany surprising tapas. COCA-COLA, THE FIFTH FLAVOR: BETWEEN SALTY AND SWEET PATROCINADOR: COCA-COLA PONENTES: Darío Barrio Juan Pablo Felipe Quique Dacosta As surprising as it may seem to many, such a traditional soft drink as Coca-Cola is beginning to cross the frontier into haute cuisine. Seasoning? Unusual flavoring? A base for sauces? Three important chefs, Darío Barrio, Juan Pablo Felipe and Quique Dacosta, along with pastry chef Enric Rovira, tell of their experiences. THE SPIRIT OF PARMIGGIANO-REGIANO: VALUE AND SUBSTANCE IN THE KING OF CHEESE PATROCINADOR: CONSORZIO TUTELA PARMIGIANO-REGGIANO PONENTES: Angela Barusi There may be no other cheese in the world with more complex flavors, used in as many recipes. Angela Barusi, manager of the Parmigiano-Reggiano Protection Consortium, talks about the manufacturing process and flavor characteristics. A theatrical tasting will follow with sherry wines included. TASTING: 16, JANUARY (TUESDAY) ICEX WINE TESTING PONENTES: Margarethe Aussenac "Atlantic winds" (Gallego y Poniente) "The Mistral from the North" (Moncayo) "Salt Wind" (Levante)