Conferences and Tastings of MADRID FUSIÓN 2008, VI International Gastronomy Summit

CONFERENCES: 22, JANUARY (TUESDAY) ON LINE RESERVATION TABLES.COM PATROCINADOR: ALVAREZ MALLORCA S.A. PONENTES: Juan Barbacil,Benjamín Calles, Darío Méndez, Ricardo Nasser Reserved tables which nobody occupies? Diners who don't show up at the restaurant? These are the day-to-day hotel and catering problems which newly developed computer programs are trying to remedy; a brand new future/present. THE GENOME OF NOUVELLE CUISINE IN THE WEST PATROCINADOR: EDITORIAL EVEREST PONENTES: Pau Arenós, Marco Bolasco (Italia), Jean Miot (Francia),Sudi Pigot (Inglaterra), Lourdes Plana, Philippe Regol, Víctor de la Serna, Frank Soren (Dinamarca), Jeffrey Steingarten (EEUU) From Escoffier to Ferran Adrià, not forgetting the in and outs of "nouvelle cuisine". How have culinary trends been developing over the last 130 years? Who's who in the world of cuisine? An astonishing work by the journalist Pau Arenós. LA TERNERA DE BRAVO: THE ACORN-FED IBERIAN HAM FROM CATTLE PATROCINADOR: DEHESA CARNE NATURAL PONENTES: Pablo Comas, Lucas Domínguez, José Luis García Palacios, Sacha Hormaechea, Paz Ivison A completely new meat with an exquisite flavour and a very limited production is starting to make its appearance on the table's of the country's best restaurants. This Spanish variety of beef known as "La Ternera de Bravo" (Brave Veal) comes from animals raised out doors in the same way the best Iberian pigs are feed naturally on ripe acorns. A fascinating thing. THE PRESENT AND FUTURE OF ON LINE WINE SALES MANAGEMENT PATROCINADOR: BODEGAS Y VIÑEDOS VERUM PONENTES: Andrés Ardid, Juan Manuel Bellver, Jesús Bernad, José Luis Contreras, Juan Such Everything changes and quickly. How should a restaurants stock up with wines? We will talk about online wine sales shops, about the advantages offered by wine web pages and about the importance of specialised blogs and their influence upon restaurant diners. EATING COCA-COLA USING A KNIFE AND FORK PATROCINADOR: COCA-COLA PONENTES: José Carlos Capel,Dani García,Paco Roncero Although it may come as a bit of a surprise to the sceptics: Coca-Cola mixes perfectly with some acidic, greasy, and salty foods including cheeses. Two great master's of cuisine allow us to enjoy a taste of their coca cola inspired creations. 23, JANUARY (WEDNESDAY) BLOGS AND THE NEW ERA OF FOOD REVIEWS PATROCINADOR: CARRASCO GUIJUELO PONENTES: José Carlos Capel, Hasier Etxeberría, Javier Ferradal, David de Jorge, Carlos Maribona Blogs are swiftly transforming the culinary scene turning traditional gastronomic reviews on their heads. We will talk about how some people make accusations while hiding behind a cloak of anonymity, with total impunity; we will also talk about the commercial influence. Carlos Maribona (Chillies Sauce), Javier Ferradal (Three Little Pigs) and David de Jorge (Glutton) will be offering their advice. IBERIAN HAM CUTTING AND SERVING SCHOOL PATROCINADOR: JAMON 5 J PONENTES: Enrique Caballero, Ángel Cuenllas, Iván Llanza, Severiano Sánchez Carving Iberian Ham properly is an issue of hot debate. We present three different carving styles carried out by Enrique Caballero (Jaylu/Sevilla), known as the human Thermomix, Ángel Cuenllas, the king of the unusual cut, and the cutters of 5 Jotas ham, pure academicisim. BREAD IN HAUTE CUISINE PATROCINADOR: TRITICUM PONENTES: Ismael Díaz Yubero, Ramón Freixa, Benito Gómez, Xavier Ramón, Gaspar Rey, Pepe Solla Which are the secrets of bread? Xavier Ramón, from the Triticum handcraft baker's shop, will talk about the quality of the different flours, the texture of the pieces, the different kinds of bread crust and special types of bread. The discussion will focus on the harmony among dishes, breads and baskets. HOW TO ATTRACT RESTAURANT CUSTOMERS THROUGH WEB PAGES? PATROCINADOR: OKI PONENTES: Jordi Butron, Nina Costas, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Marlene Lukas, Julia Pérez Award to the best restaurant's website. It is no secret that web pages are a showcase. Web pages are starting to become essential in order to attract customers. Nina Costas, from the Cirici New Media company, will talk about the perfect arguments to attract customers to your establishment. The award is granted by Juan Pedro Pérez (OKI) to restaurant Espaisucre from Barcelona. Collect the award: Jordi Butron (owner) TASTING: 23, JANUARY (WEDNESDAY) PATROCINADOR: Denominación de Orígen Calificada Rioja The wine is an essential part of the gastronomic culture is an unquestionable truth. That produced in the name of Origen Calificada Rioja in Spain, took a main place among the most renowned around the world, too. Therefore, the most prestigious of the Spanish wine areas want to be here another year in madridfusión and makes it through a tasting commented on some of the wines that define its essence, on the one hand traditional, on the other extremely modern, as recognized during the past year critics from many different countries and media, pointing to the region as the most prominent of 2007 worldwide. The Chamber Rome hosts a tasting conducted by specialists in addition to the wines on the table will, as it has done on previous occasions, topics for discussion and opinions formed by the best experts and processors. A unique opportunity to hear first hand both the wines and the faces behind them.