Conferences and Tastings of MADRID FUSIÓN 2009, VII International Gastronomy Summit

CONFERENCES: 20, JANUARY (TUESDAY) NEW SOLUTIONS TO GUARANTEE FOOD SAFETY PATROCINADOR: INSTITUTO SILESTONE PONENTES: Presentador: Ismael Díaz Yubero Ponentes: Maite Pelayo, Tony Botella y Jean Pierre Marty To make cooking professionals aware of the new formulas to improve health and safety in the kitchen. Explanations and talks will cover both existing risks as well as offering solutions and kitchen viewings and will conclude with the demonstration of a technique which allows food preservation with a safety guarantee Screening of the video "24 hours of a bacterium inside a kitchen" GLASS OF VILLA MASSA THE CHEESE BOARDS: A DOOR TO THE STARS PATROCINADOR: LACTALIS RESTAURACIÓN PONENTES: Presentador: José Manuel Escorial Ponentes: Raquel Obelleiro, María Lorenzo, Paco Patón, Pedro Mario José Manuel Escorial will pose some direct and practical questions to the panel. He will give us some tips on how to increase restaurant profits via the cheese board: Can profits be increased by offering a cheese cart? Which is the ideal cheese board? How many cheeses should we offer? Is serving cheeses before and after dinner worth it? The cheese defender award will be given at the close of the conference. Apart from the talk, outside the hall, the world's most spectacular cheese board will be on display courtesy of Xavier Thuret COCA-COLA BELOW ZERO PATROCINADOR: COCA - COLA PONENTES: Presentador: José Carlos Capel Ponentes: Angelo Corvitto, Oriol Balaguer, Dani García The role Coca-cola can play in the manufacturing of small after-dinner sweets at low temperature. An unpublished presentation to the culinary world on the extent to which the texture of Coca-cola can be modified into half fluid or semisolid forms. Our expert speakers will prepare their amazing recipes using Coca-cola as their main ingredient. 21, JANUARY (WEDNESDAY) WHISKY & FOOD: THE LATEST GASTRONOMIC TENDENCY PATROCINADOR: DIAGEO PONENTES: Presentador: Rafael Ansón Ponentes: Miguel Angel Garrido, Paco Roncero, Mario Sandoval, Juan Pablo Felipe, Jorge Pineda y Mª José Huertas Whisky & Food by Cardhu Special Cask reserve, Talisker 10 and Lagavulin 16 A new offering devised by Diageo comprising a blend of some tapas, created by these prestigious chefs, and three different kinds of malt whisky. They will talk about their dishes and the ingredients and techniques used in their preparation; the speakers will also explain why the flavours, aromas and textures of the dishes blend so perfectly with the flavours, aromas and textures of whiskies. Guided tasting of the tapas, marinated with whisky DESIGN BANQUETS WITH READY TO SERVE MEAL PATROCINADOR: COVAP PONENTES: Miguel Angel Díaz Yubero, Daniel Martín Sánchez, Kisko García, Iñigo Lavado, Pablo Amate. Precooked dishes (5th range products) The role these dishes can play in conjuring up strategic menus for groups and big events. The chef from Covap will explain how their precooked dishes are made and Kisko García, chef of El Choco, will talk about his regeneration, finishing and adornment techniques. TASTING: 20, JANUARY (TUESDAY)
A trip through the most novel and interesting wine labels to have appeared over the last year on the Spanish wine scene, paying particular attention to wines from less known Spanish wine producing regions that have attracted little press atention. A presentation of premieres, which in a way aims to open attendees eyes to the new offerings of an ever expanding wine industry.
Supported by the  ICEX The wine tasting will focus on a selection of Albariño wines. These Galician whites have managed to redefine the historical interpretation specialists and the public at large used to have of these Spanish white wines - accepted as vintage wines with scant ageing potential - diversifying their profiles by means of the ageing on lees or in tanks. Rías Baixas white wines are today´s most representative sample of the ageing potential possessed by some Spanish vineyard white wines, and the Albariño variety itself represents the flagship on this new generation of white wines created to mellow with the years.