Conferences and Tastings of MADRID FUSIÓN 2010, VIII International Gastronomy Summit

CONFERENCES: 26, JANUARY (TUESDAY) VODKA AND CAVIAR: DANCING PARTNERS PONENTES: Diego Pozas, Philippe Barbier, Antonio Alonso Sponsor: SKYY VODKA The thousand registers of caviar tasted egg by egg. A perfect dance full of nuances where, in each register, the purity of the distilled alcohol is perfectly matched to the salty flavour of the Esturion eggs. Three types of caviar with different levels of maturity will be tasted slowly and accompanied by the reflections of an expert GASTROCOACHING. THE PERSONAL TRAINER FOR CHEFS AND RESTAURANTS PATROCINADOR: PEPSICO PONENTES: Presentador: José Carlos Capel Ponentes: Ramón Dios, Antonio Robles, Begoña Pabon Achieving success is possible, keeping it is not always so. In an ever increasingly competitive market place, "gastrocoaching" helps to boost results. We are talking about someone who can improve a restaurant's efficiency and profitability. Listen carefully to your new coach in order to achieve your goals. Where will your restaurant and your cuisine be in ten years time? 27, JANUARY (WEDNESDAY) GASTROFACEBOOK: CHEFS IN SOCIAL NETWORKS PATROCINADOR: PEPSICO PONENTES: Presentador: Xavier Agulló Ponentes: Marta Fernández Guadaño,Quique Dacosta, Ramón Freixa, Francis Paniego, Andoni Luis Aduriz A step ahead in new technology. The latest trend in gathering contacts, getting new business and developing marketing plans. Prestigious chefs, Quique Dacosta, Andoni Aduriz, Ramón Freixa and Francis Paniego will debate the potential of this Internet tool which can also promote myths and increase the risk of inappropriate appropriation of ideas MAGNETIC RESTAURANT HOW TO ENSURE YOUR RESTAURANT IS FULL WHEN THE REST ARE EMPTY? PONENTES: Presentador: Pablo Amate Ponentes: Roberto Brisciani Mesa contertulios: Andrea Tumbarello, Rosa Esteva, Benjamín Calles In other words, how to make money in times of crisis. From tribal marketing to emotional marketing; making that balance sheet healthier. A future full of success thanks to culinary magnetism and the rigorous application of financial control. It is not about predicting the future with a crystal ball but rather about applying a little knowledge with a lot of intelligence. GOURMET BREAKFAST: PLEASURE, HEALTH AND BUSINESS PONENTES: Presentador:Ismael Diaz Yubero Ponentes: Oscar Luis González, Marta Cuervo, Juan Carlos Clemente Mesa Contertulios: Carmen Moreno, Carmen Baudin, Francis Vega Sponsor: IBEROSTAR A gourmet delight and a hotel and catering business. How important is the latest product which hotel chains are offering to their clients? Breakfast, the most profitable part of the income statement, can be a real gourmet experience and also a healthy one. TOP FLIGHT CUISINE. STAR-RATED FOOD AT AIRPORTS PONENTES: Presentador: José Carlos Capel Ponentes: Mariano San Pech, Carles Gaig, Beatriz Sotelo, Dani García Sponsor: AENA Haute cuisine for large flows of diners. How will a group of chefs achieve success in Spanish airports? Organisation, methodology, technique and management at low cost. Get to know the work of Carles Gaig, Dani García and Beatriz Sotelo. TASTING: 26, JANUARY (TUESDAY) WINES FROM SPAIN IN MADRID FUSION, GARNACHA GRAPE: A RAISING VARIETY PONENTES: Ponentes: Pedro Orduna Pisarello, Ernesto Franco Alarden, Fernando Gurrucharri, Paz Ivison Sponsor: GOBIERNO DE ARAGON.DEPARTAMENTO DE AGRICULTURA Y ALIMENTACION. Supported by the ICEX A tasting with the best Garnacha Grapes from Aragón, wines from the D.O. Calatayud, D.O. Campo de Borja, D.O. Cariñena y Somontano.