Conferences and Tastings of MADRID FUSIÓN 2012, X International Gastronomy Summit

CONFERENCES: 24, JANUARY (TUESDAY) INTELIGENT MENU: SNACKS AND FIRST COURSES WITH CHEESE PATROCINADOR: KRAFT FOODS ESPAÑA COMMERCIAL, S.L. PONENTES: Luciano Villar (Experto en Philadelphia) Iñigo Lavado (Cocinero) Philadelphia versatility cheese: this cheese can be present in several "tapas", snacks and first courses in the restaurants, to manage that it will be present in small courses of the youngest and funny cooking. In the restaurants, the way of eating is changing drastically. Women eats much better than men, and they usually choose starters and first courses, much more than meat and fishes. Iñigo Lavado will explain his techniques meanwhile he will prepare 8 combinations, taking into account the Philadelphia versarility and he will prepare 5 creams, to be tasted. I.E. BUSINESS SCHOOL CONFERENCE PATROCINADOR: I.E. BUSINESS SCHOOL PONENTES: Luis Solís (Decano asociado de IE Business School) "MANAGEMENT IN THE THIRD DECADE OF THE 21st CENTURY": Future trends in the global environment and how they could translate into opportunities for the gastronomy sector on a global level in terms of ew management skills. (spanish language) IMPORTANCE OF THE PRICE TAG AND ITS INFLUENCE ON THE COSTS OF THE MENUS PATROCINADOR: MAKRO PONENTES: José María Cervera (Dtor. Gral. Makro) Custodio Zamarra (Decano de la Sumillería Española y Sumiller del Restaurante Zalacaín) Diego Ferrer (Cocinero) José María Cervera starts the conference talking about the importance of doing a correct price tag to optimize the restaurant management. Most of the situations, one of causes that contribute to close business, is a wrong management, and specifically, to forget carry out the price tag in our menus .... Custodio Zamarra and Diego Ferrer get down to the following matter: "Decalogue of a well donde price tag" SMART COOKING - SAVE POCKET, CONTROL WASTE PATROCINADOR: UNILEVER FOOD SOLUTIONS PONENTES: MESA REDONDA/Round table Moderada por/Chairman: Yanet Acota (Licenciada en Periodismo por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, especializada en gastronomía/Graduated in Journalism by the "Universidad Complutense de Madrid", specialised in gastronomy) Con la presencia de/With participation of: Leopoldo Abadía (Profesor, Escritor e Ingeniero/Profesor, Writer and Engineer) José María Rubio (Presidente de la FEHR/President of the FEHR) Peio Cruz (Chef Ejecutivo de Unilever Food Solutions/Executive Chef of Unilever Food Solutions) Spanish restaurants waste more than 63,000 tons of food each year, which means losses of more than 255 million euros in the hotel and catering industry. With throwing away food we waste many valuable resources. If a kitchen could be managed more efficiently, around 50% of the waste could be avoided. Facing this problem, Unilever Food Solutions presents a study: "Wise up on waste", in which a clear and simple audit of waste has been developed in order to establish the present levels of waste in the industry, together with a pragmatic guide to improve waste management. 25, JANUARY (WEDNESDAY) THE COFFEE MAGIC, IN THE CUP AND IN THE MOUTH PATROCINADOR: ILLY CAFE PONENTES: Marino Petraco, reconocido Ingeniero Químico especializado en la ciencia del café. Fué Presidente de la Comisión Europea para los estudios sobre los efectos fisiológicos del café. Josean Alija, Restaurante Nerua (Museo Guggenheim) The coffee has invaded our western society, becaming a symbol. While not an essential nutrient, none of us want to give up this habit that is both a pleasure, a ritual and stimulating. The reason and secret of the success of this drink, is found in scientific research. WEB 2.0 AND SOCIAL NETWORKS: THE POWER OF CONVERSATION WITH CLIENTS. PATROCINADOR: I.E. BUSINESS SCHOOL PONENTES: ALFONSO CASTELLANO, Profesor asociado del IE y del Exmdet y Consejero Delegado de Mindproyect. PEDRO SUBIJANA - RESTAURANTE AKELARRE During the last ten years, our society has suffered a deep transformation. The internet irruption and the access for the majority part of the population to the new technologies, have generated a big change in our habits and the leisure sector, really deeply affected by this situation. The professionals are required to adapt and develop a communication and relationship strategy with their clients wherever they are. (Spanish language). PEDRO SUBIJANA: "How to manage success in the business and gastronomically world". KIMCHI ATELIER PATROCINADOR: WORLD INSTITUTE OF KIMCHI AND KOREAN FOOD FOUNDATION Kimchi conference explained by the experts from the World Institute of Kimchi. The gastronomic korean culture about Kimchi. The origin of the fermentation technique and its advantages. Traditional recipe demonstration of Kimchi by the Seon-Je nun. The recipe from a budhist temple of Kimchi. 26, JANUARY (THURSDAY) PATROCINADOR: I.E. BUSINESS SCHOOL PONENTES: Jesús Rebollo, Profesor de IE Business School y Director de Marketing Internacional en Lavinia. "SHOPING WITH A GLASS OF WINE IN YOUR HAND" The world of gastronomy is closely linked to the universe of wine and we will be seeing some examples of situations in which this relation is taken a step further to form an unbreakable bond. (Spanish language).   TASTING: 26, JANUARY (THURSDAY) RIBERA DEL DUERO PUNTA DE LANZA 2012 PATROCINADOR: CONSEJO REGULADOR DE LA D.O. RIBERA DEL DUERO PONENTES: Jesús Bernard, Periodista y crítico vitivinícola Agustín Alonso, Director Técnico del consejo Regulador de la D.O. Ribera del Duero