Pork belly:
500 gr marinated pork belly
2 litres well-flavoured stock 

Ribs en confit:
500 gr ribs of pork
200 gr red wine
180 gr soy                                                                                     70 gr sugar
50 gr kimuchi sauce
½ clove garlic

Pork truffle:
200 gr lean pork                                                
20 gr onion
15 gr carrots                                                                                 15 gr cabbage                                                                               2 celery leaves                                                      
2 egg yolks
Salt and white pepper
10 gr powdered horn of plenty mushrooms
10 gr black truffle brisure
20 gr black truffle

Black truffle parmentier:
200 gr cooked potato
75 cl chicken stock                                                                      
75 cl cream                                                                                 35 cl Arbequina virgin olive oil      
Salt and pepper to taste


Belly of pork: Cook the belly of pork over a low heat for three hours until tender and juicy.

Pork ribs en confit: Mix all the marinade ingredients without heating. Marinate the ribs for 2 hours. Cook sous-vide at 70ºC for 90 minutes. 

Pork truffle: Thinly slice the vegetables and sauté until soft. Mix with the minced pork, egg yolks and truffle juice. Form into 40 gr balls and coat with the powdered horn of plenty mushrooms and black truffle brisure.

Black truffle parmentier: Blend all the ingredients except the oil. Then at

maximum speed add the oil to form an emulsion. 


First serve the truffled parmentier then top with the diced belly of pork and boned rib meat. Fry the pork truffle and add. Accompany with some flakes of truffle (tuber melanosporum).