INGREDIENTS (serves 4)

Iodine-flavoured seaweed stock:
60 gr. Onions
40 gr. Carrots
2 heads garlic
30 gr. Leeks
50 gr. Kombu seaweed
2 peppercorns
0.5 Kg. Cockles
0.5 Kg. Muscles
200 gr. Chicken legs, browned
12 oysters (3 per person)
4.5 L. Water sherry.
16 Tremella mushrooms (4 per person).
Seaweed marinade:
200 ml. Mineral water
50 ml. Rice vinegar
6 tbsp. Soy sauce
Icing sugar and salt crystals.
Sea lettuce
Wakame and wakame shoots
Irish gums
Sea spaghetti
arame, hijiki.
Tiger nuts:
25 gr. Dried tiger nuts
20 ml. Mild-flavoured olive oil
Rind of 1 ripe lemon
1 Stalk lemon grass (1 g.)
1 Clove garlic
3 Black peppercorns.
Thick rice vinegar syrup:
20 gr. Sugar
2 ml. Rice vinegar
3 l. Rice vinegar
50 gr. Neutral apple pectin gelatine.
4 slices smoked white tuna (1 per person)
6 drops tiger nut oil (use a dropper)
salt flakes.


Iodine-flavoured seaweed stock:
Mix all the ingredients, excluding the oysters,and cook for 12 hours. Leave to stand, strain and clarify. Use 25% for the serving dish and the remaining 75% for cooking the mushrooms. Tremella mushrooms: Blanch in boiling water for 10 minutes. Remove and cook in the iodine-flavoured seaweed stock, in a covered pan, at 90ºC for 2 hours. Carefully remove the stalks.

Seaweed marinade:
Prepare the base of the marinade by mixing all the ingredients and setting aside. Cook the necessary seaweeds in water for 3 hours, then drain. Mix the seaweeds with the marinade and leave to stand. Tiger nuts: Insert the dried tiger nuts in a vacuum pack with water, salt, olive oil and a garlic clove. Cook in the Roner at 61ºC for 8 hours. Leave to stand for a further 8 hours. Thick rice vinegar syrup: Make a caramel with the sugar and 20 ml. rice vinegar to prevent it from crystallising. When a light caramel colour appears, add the remaining 3 lt. vinegar and reduce to 80 ml. Remove from the heat and mix in the neutral apple pectin gelatine.


Place the seaweed marinade at the centre of the plate with the oysters and tiger nuts. Arrange 3 tremella mushrooms around in a clockwise direction (at 1, 4 and 8 o'clock). Top each tremella with 3 salt flakes. Next to the seaweed marinade, tiger nuts and oysters place a slice of white tuna cut in half. Finish by sprinking the dish with a few drops of tiger nut oil.