INGREDIENTS (to serve 4)


500 gr holm oak acorns

20 gr mead

1 litre mineral water


Iberico pork and holm oak broth:

1 kg Iberico pork leg bones

1 kg Iberico pork cheek

200 gr Iberico pork trotters

500 gr carrots

500 gr onions

500 gr leeks

200 gr celery

100 gr cabbage

6 gr bay leaves

2 litres water

100 gr holm oak wood shavings

20 gr flax seeds


Other ingredients:

100 gr fresh truffle

Bryony tendrils


Gnocchi: Collect and select acorns only from trees that give sweet-tasting, not too astringent seeds.

Peel carefully and soak in plenty of water for 24 hours. Drain and dry in a drying oven for 48 hours at a constant temperature of 50ºC.

Grind in a kitchen robot. Push through a cloth filter to obtain a dry acorn powder that can be used as a condiment and thickener.

Pour the mead into a pan and reduce to hard ball stage. Add the dry acorn powder and cook slowly at a low temperature to form a smooth paste. Season and chill for at least 1 hour, then cut into small 5- gram portions and shape into gnocchi. Set aside.

Iberico pork and holm oak broth: Roast the different kinds of meat and the chopped vegetables in a holm oak wood oven until they are browned and have a pleasant smoky smell.

Transfer to a pot and add water.

When the burnt wood has turned into embers, place the pot close to them and leave to cook, uncovered, for at least 14 hours, during which time the wood oven should remain between 110 and 80ºC. This should allow us to obtain a reduced broth impregnated with the aromas of the wood used to heat the oven.

Strain the broth and add to it the holm oak shavings. Leave to infuse at 85ºC for 20 minutes in order to enhance the aroma of wood in the broth. Here the holm oak wood is used as flavouring.

Strain the broth to remove all traces of the wood shavings, and clarify to obtain a clear, flavoursome broth. Thicken with flax seeds, leaving them to soak in the broth so that they release their mucilage.

Strain, season and set aside.


Serve the slightly warm acorn gnocchi on a hot plate and top with wafers of truffle and bryony tendrils. Heat the hot Iberico pork and holm oak broth and add at the last minute.