INGREDIENTS: (to serve 4)

100 gr Nir rice 18 months
1200 gr chicken and chicken wing stock
10 gr whole garlic, crushed
10 gr ginger, in wafer-thin slices
1 Chinese onion, white part
10 gr roast sesame oil

20 gr red quinoa
20 gr kiwicha pop
20 gr cañihua
60 gr vegetable stock
20 ml olive oil
Chopped parsley

Cañihua and crunchy white quinoa:
20 gr white quinoa, washed
20 gr cañihua, washed
800 gr water
8 gr salt
10 ml olive oil

Fried squid:
8 squid tentacles, 3 cm long 12 strips squid, 5 mm thick, 3 cm long
100 gr powdered rice
Salt and pepper
Oil for frying

Low temperature egg:
4 eggs, 50 gr each
100 gr extra virgin olive oil
0.5 gr salt

Chicken skin:

100 gr clean chicken skin

Vegetable oil Banana in slaked lime:
½ banana (Isla)
½ banana (Seda)
20 gr slaked lime (calcium hydroxide)
1 litre water

Vegetable oil Chicken stock and cañihua sauce:
100 gr chicken and chicken wing stock
15 gr cooked cañihua
Chopped parsley


Porridge: Cut the Chinese onion in two. Sauté the garlic, ginger and Chinese onion, add the rice and the chicken stock. Cook until almost all the liquid has evaporated and the rice has burst. Season with salt. Cereals: Cook the red quinoa in 400 gr boiling water with 4 gr salt for 10 minutes, then drain and leave to cool. Cook the cañihua in the same way. To serve, sauté the cooked cereals in olive oil and deglaze with vegetable stock. Finish with chopped parsley and season with salt.
Quinoa and crunchy white quinoa: Cook the washed quinoa in 400 gr water with 4 gr salt for 10 minutes. Drain, refresh and dry. Do the same with the cañihua. Sauté the quinoa and kañihua separately in hot oil and dry on kitchen paper. Dehydrate for 12 hours at 55ºC.
Squid: Heat the oil to 190ºC. Dip the squid in the powdered rice and fry quickly. Drain and dry on kitchen paper.
Egg: Separate the yolk from the white and cover with the olive oil. Cover with plastic film and cook at 60ºC in a bain-marie. Chicken skin: Cook the skin at 80ºC in oil for 8 hours. Drain. Dry at 150ºC between two sheets. Banana in slaked lime: Peel the banana and cut into pieces. Prepare the lime and water mixture and submerge the bananas. Leave for 45 minutes. Drain and fry at 140ºC until golden.
Chicken stock and cañihua sauce: Prepare the stock and add the cañihua and parsley. Serve hot.


Mix the cereals with the white quinoa and crunchy cañihua and season with salt. Serve a spoonful of porridge onto a plate and cover with the cereal mixture. Make a small dip and insert the egg yolk. Season with salt. Arrange the fried squid around as well as the fried bananas and chicken skin. Pour half a spoonful of chicken and cañihua sauce over the egg yolk.