For the cocktail:

2 cl. tonic water

1 tbsp cream of almonds

1 tbsp walnut syrup

½ Greek yoghurt

5 cl. rice horchata

1 small ball cane syrup ice cream

60 gr. crushed ice


For the decoration:

A few shoots of red and green Shiso.





Pour the tonic water in a blender and beat for 1 min. Add the cream of almonds, walnut syrup, Greek yoghurt and rice horchata. Finally, add the cane syrup ice cream and crushed ice. Beat for 45 sec.





Serve the cocktail in a tumbler and decorate with a few shoots of red and green Shiso.


NOTE: A rice horchata enriched with creamy Greek yoghurt and the flavour of honey and nuts. A pick-me-up with very Mediterranean flavours.