INGREDIENTS (to serve 4)
Mojo sauce
50 gr olive oil
1 small roast tomato
1 roast spring onion
25 gr toasted almonds
1 fried garlic
A little sherry vinegar
1 drop orange-blossom water
Salt and pepper

Hake cheeks
12 hake cheeks

Bamboo leaves
8 bamboo leaves
1 tbsp olive oil
Dressing for hake cheeks
10 gr truffle juice
10 gr sherry vinegar
40 gr extra virgin olive oil
Salt and powdered ginger

Bamboo shoots
50 gr pickled bamboo shoots
15 gr lemon juice

Salt and pepper

8 fresh almonds
Almond oil

Mojo sauce: Blend all the ingredients except the vinegar and orange-blossom water. Season with salt and pepper then flavour with a little vinegar and orange-blossom water.
Hake cheeks: Wash the hake cheeks well, and season. Just before serving, brush lightly with the mojo sauce and cook very lightly on both sides on the griddle with a little oil.
Bamboo leaves: Brush with the olive oil.
Dressing for hake cheeks: Mix all the ingredients well.
Bamboo shoots: Cut the pickled bamboo into small pieces and mix with the other ingredients. Leave to stand for 15 minutes.
Almonds: Shell and extract the nuts.

Brush a bamboo sheet lengthwise with a stripe of sauce and arrange the hake cheeks along the stripe. Add bamboo shoots. Spoon a little dressing over the cheeks and top with almonds sliced using a mandolin slicer. Add a touch of almond oil. Cover everything with another bamboo leaf.