1 Canary banana

Passion fruit


Potato and vanilla emulsion:

250 gr potatoes

300 gr cream (35% fat)

100 gr milk

1 Tahiti vanilla pod

½ tonka bean (seed of the Dipteryx tree)

¼ nutmeg

50 gr chocolate (Opalys 33%) 

Crisp hazelnut biscuit:

100 gr ground roast hazelnuts

10 gr brown sugar

100 gr plain wheat flour

100 gr butter

1 pinch lime salt

Milk chocolate (Azelia 35%)

Ivoire chocolate and passion fruit ice cream:

For 1,500 gr ice cream :

210 gr chocolate (Ivoire 35%Valrhona)

655 gr full cream milk

30 gr powdered milk

117 gr sugar

90 gr atomised glucose

60 gr inverted sugar

5.5 gr stabiliser

330 gr passion fruit


Banana: Cut the banana into small dice and leave to marinade in passion fruit and yuzu juice in a 100% vacuum for 12 hours.

Potato and vanilla emulsion: Cook the potatoes in plenty of salted water, then peel and set aside. Soak the spices in the cream and milk for 12 hours in the refrigerator, then heat to 70ºC. Mix with the mashed potatoes and chocolate. Transfer to a kitchen robot and beat until smooth and shiny. Transfer to a piping bag.

Baked skins: Place the salted, cooked potato skins in the oven at 100ºC and leave to dry for 4 hours. When very dry, crush to a powder. Add ½ vanilla pod.

Crisp hazelnut biscuit: Use the first four ingredients to make a biscuit, then crush and push through a coarse sieve. Bake for 20 seconds at 150ºC. When cold, mix with melted milk chocolate to coat. 

Passion fruit and Ivoire chocolate ice cream: Weigh and proceed as usual to make chocolate ice cream. Leave to stand for at least 12 hours, then add the cold puréed fruit and beat until smooth. Chill at -18ºC.


Place some powdered potato skin in a soup bowl, then top with a ball of potato and vanilla emulsion. Add a tablespoon of drained banana and accompany with a ball of ice cream. Pour over a little of the banana marinade, and finish with a little grated lime.