1 beef (weighing 450-600 gr)
3 litres extra virgin olive oil, blend of Picudo, Manzanilla and Hojiblanca
1 kg spring onion
2 heads garlic, in cloves
100 cc aged sherry vinegar
250 cc Fino sherry

PREPARATION: First season the piece of beef with salt, then leave to stand. Seal on a griddle or in a frying-pan and leave to stand. Repeat this action twice, then chill completely.
Meanwhile, make a pickle mixture by placing all the pickle ingredients in a pan and cooking over a gentle heat for 20 minutes. Then, while the pickle is still hot, add the cold beef. Remove from the heat and leave to stand until the meat and pickle mixture are just warm. Remove the beef from the pan and cool again until its texture makes it easy to slice thinly.
Place the beef slices on a board. Add the onion and garlic en confit. Pour over some pickle mixture and add some rosemary leaves and a little ground pepper and salt.

TO SERVE: See photo.