Beetroot kimchi:
500 gr beetroot
50 gr chía
500 ml water
3 gr sweet pimentón
3 gr spicy pimentón
20 gr white sugar
25 gr soy sauce
10 gr rice flour
10 gr oyster sauce
15 gr ginger
20 gr black sesame seeds
10 gr garlic
5 gr thyme
5 gr salt

Quinoa and cabbage sauerkraut: 
200 gr cooked quinoa
200 gr cabbage
3 gr salt
3 cloves
1 star anise
1 bay leaf
10 gr mustard seeds

Red miso:
600 gr red beans
2 cloves black garlic
15 gr salt
50 gr goji berries
75 gr dried tomato
200 gr koji rice
50 gr black sesame seeds

Kimchi soup with red miso: 
150 ml beetroot kimchi juice 
10 gr red miso
4 baby octopuses, grilled
Dill sprouts

Kimchi: Dice the beetroot, place in salted water and leave for 12 hours. Drain, remove any salt and dress with the other ingredients. Chill for 30 days. Strain the juice and set aside.

Quinoa and cabbage sauerkraut:
Cut the cabbage into julienne strips, add salt and knead by hand until the cabbage releases all its juice. Cook the quinoa in salted water and drain. Transfer the cabbage and quinoa to a jar and add the herbs. Seal the jar and leave to ferment for 30 days. 

Red miso:
Cook the red beans. Separately, cook the koji rice and blend. Mix the beans and rice with the other ingredients and transfer to jars. Seal and leave to ferment for 10 to 12 months. 

Kimchi soup with red miso
: Dilute the miso with the beetroot kimchi and strain to make the soup. Char-grill the baby octopuses until tender. 

Arrange the cabbage and quinoa sauerkraut in a dish, giving it volume, then place the baby octopus legs around it. Serve the beetroot kimchi soup with red miso and finish with dill.