Black garlic
Sour cream of horseradish
200 gr thick cream
1 natural yoghurt
1 tsp Savora mustard
1 tsp grated horseradish
2 tsp chopped dill
1 tsp vodka
1 tsp lemon juice
Salt and pepper
35 gr vinegar
Beetroot tartar
30 gr spring onion
10 gr chive
5 gr black sesame seeds
12.5 gr mustard seeds
250 gr raw beetroot
5 gr coriander
7.5 gr mustard seeds
100 gr oil (0.4º)
50 gr cider vinegar
20 gr acacia honey
2.5 gr black sesame seeds
Salt and freshly-ground black pepper
Radish granita
1 kg radishes
20 gr olive oil
2 gr salt
40 gr cider vinegar
Radishes pickled with ginger
16 radishes (90 gr)
6 gr very finely-sliced ginger
10 gr cider vinegar
10 gr olive oil
Salt Black pepper
Beetroot and rhubarb bubbles
300 gr liquidised raw beetroot (550 gr fresh beetroot)
500 gr mineral water
200 gr liquidised raw rhubarb (300 gr fresh rhubarb)
1.2 gr xanthan gum
20 gr powdered egg white (albumen powder)
50 gr cider vinegar
50 gr tpt (50 gr water, 50 gr sugar)
Sticks of smoked eel
Seasonal shoots and flowers

Black garlic: Use 2 cloves of black garlic per dish, and spread very thinly with great care along the plate using a spatula.
Sour cream of horseradish: Beat the cream, add the yoghurt and beat lightly. Add all the other ingredients and beat again. The sauce should have the density of a thick cream. Season with salt.
Beetroot tartar: Finely dice the beetroot. Chop all the ingredients very finely and mix with the beetroot. Season with salt.
Vinaigrette: Place all the ingredients in a bowl except for the oil. Add the oil in a trickle while beating to form an emulsion.
Vinaigrette and tartar mixture: Add 150 gr of vinaigrette to the tartar and mix carefully.
Radish granita: Wash the radishes in plenty of cold water. Liquidise and pour through a fine chinois. Add the oil, salt and vinegar. Whisk and transfer to a freezer box and freeze. Scrape with a fork or an ice shaver. Radishes pickled with ginger: Wash and scrub the radishes and place in a vacuum pack. Add the ginger, oil, vinegar and salt and pepper and seal the pack. Cook in a Roner at 85ºC for 30 minutes. Remove and place the bag in iced water. Drain the radishes and cut into very thin slices. Bubbles: Place the water and sugar (tant pour tant) in a pan and bring to the boil. Cool and set aside. Peel the rhubarb stem using a sharp knife then liquidise together with the peeled beetroot. Strain through a fine chinois. Mix the juices, vinegar and tant pour tant in a bowl. Add the xanthan and albumen and whisk gently until smooth. Pass the mixture three times through the vacuum sealer to remove any air. Chill for 24 hours. Make bubbles using the machine.


See photograph