INGREDIENTS (to serve 10)

For the toasted black sesame praline:
115 gr. black sesame seed
25 gr. roast sesame oil
Black sesame cake base:
120 gr. black sesame praline
125 gr. egg whites
80 gr. egg yolk
80 gr. sugar20 gr. wheat flour
1 siphon ISI  N2O, 1 lt-capacity
4 cartridges N2O10
Plastic beakers, 220 cl-capacity
Roast black sesame salt:
20 gr. black sesame seed
2 gr. salt
20 gr. white miso


Roast black sesame seed praline:
Roast the sesame seed in a skillet over a medium heat. While still hot, crush the sesame with the roast sesame oil to form a thin paste (350 gr.). Strain and set aside.

Black sesame cake base
Blend the praline, egg whites and yolks, sugar and flour until smooth. Strain.
Transfer the mixture to the siphon. Close and attach the 4 gas cartridges, shaking all the time. Use scissors to make 3 equally-spaced 0.3 cm cuts in the sides of the base of the beaker. Fill each beaker with the cake mix up to a height of 3.7 cm. Place the beakers with the cake mix in the microwave oven, three by three, and cook at maximum heat for 40 seconds. Remove and leave to cool at room temperature. Turn out with the help of a mini spatula. Keep in an airtight container.

Roast black sesame seed salt: 
Roast the black sesame seed in a skillet. Add to the salt and grind to form a fine powder. Keep in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.


Place 2 gr white miso on the lower half of the cakes and press down slightly using a mini spatula.
Sprinkle the top half with 0.3 gr roast black sesame seeds.
Carefully plate the cakes and serve.
These cakes should be eaten in two mouthfuls, starting with the white miso part.