Bloody Mary (to serve 12)
30 gr vodka
200 ml tomato juice
30 gr lemon juice
2 drops
Worcestershire sauce
2 drops Tabasco
Salt Black pepper
Vegetable stock
150 gr leek
80 gr carrot
300 gr onion
2 litres water
Sea urchin juice
450 gr sea urchin roe
300 gr vegetable stock
150 gr sunflower oil
Water-soluble red food colouring
Sea urchin mayonnaise
80 gr sea urchin roe
20 gr sunflower oil
Fresh sea urchins
5 fresh sea urchins
Sea water
Pickled celery
150 ml water
150 ml Txakoli
25 gr sugar
10 gr salt
4 peppercorns
½ bay leaf
75 ml vinegar
2 sticks green celery
2 very thin (2 mm) slices bread
24 micro tagete flowers
24 red verbena flowers
24 chive curls


Bloody Mary: Mix all the ingredients.
Vegetable stock: Boil until reduced to half. Season with salt. Leave to cool.
Sea urchin juice: Blend the sea urchin with the vegetable stock and form an emulsion with the sunflower oil. Add colouring to give the colour of a Bloody Mary. Mix 400 gr of sea urchin juice with 60 gr of the Bloody Mary. Chill.
Sea urchin mayonnaise: Blend until smooth. Transfer to a squeezer bottle.
Fresh sea urchins: Cut the shell with scissors at the bottom. Remove the roe with a spoon and wash in the sea water. Set aside in the sea urchin’s own juice.
Pickled celery: Mix all the ingredients and boil until the sugar is dissolved. Leave at room temperature. Cut some of the celery using a vegetable peeler into wafers measuring 7.5 x 1.5 cm. Cut the rest into dice measuring 3 x 3 mm. Place the wafers into the sugar mixture. Transfer to a vacuum pack, leave for two minutes then remove the liquid. Chill. Repeat the same operation with the diced celery but leave the dice in the liquid.
Others: Cut the bread into rectangles 7.5 x 1.5 cm and bake until golden, with a weight on top to prevent it from curling. TO SERVE Transfer 35 gr of sea urchin juice to a tastevin, and add a pinch of freshly-ground black pepper. On the toasted bread place a strip of sea urchin mayonnaise and top this with a wafer of celery, 2 sea urchin roes, 2 micro tagete flowers, 2 verbena flowers, 2 chive curls and 4 celery dice. Place this on the edge of the tastevin.