Mojo sauce:

30 gr. bread

1 gr. cochineal

Juice of half a lemon

100 ml. olive oil, 0.4º

30 gr. fried sunflower seeds

30 gr. bitter soft drink

2 mint leaves, chopped

Salt, pepper and sugar


Bonito loin fillets:

500 gr. bonito (125 gr./unit)

Salt, ginger

Mojo sauce


Cochineal sauce:

0.2 gr. cochineal

100 ml. olive oil, 0.4º

5 gr. sugar

0.5 gr. xanthan



Bed of cochineal:

500 ml. bonito stock (*)

25 gr. vegetable jelling agent

2 gr. agar-agar

1 gr. cochineal

Salt and powdered ginger


Green bed:

3 leeks (the green leaves)

Water and salt



Various coloured flowers


(*) bonito stock:

1 l. water, 1 leek and 200 gr. bonito trimmings, salt and powdered ginger.

Simmer for 1 h. Strain and season with salt and ginger.




Mojo sauce: Mix all the ingredients, blend and season.


Loin fillets of bonito: Cut the fillets into rectangles (2 per person). Smoke lightly for 4 min. in a smoking oven. Season and add a little ginger. Brush with the mojo sauce and grill lightly, leaving it moist inside.


Cochineal sauce: Blend all the ingredients. Bring to the boil and strain. Season.


Bed of cochineal: Mix all the ingredients while cold, then bring to the boil. Spread in a very thin layer on a plastic sheet. When the mixture has jelled, cut into circles. Set aside on sulphur paper.


Green bed: Cut the leeks into large pieces and cook in lightly salted water. Place in the robot and blend for a few seconds only, to make a thick purée containing fibres. Spread into a thin layer on paper and dry out at 60ºC. When dry, cut into triangles. Just before serving, brush with a little raw oil to glaze.




Plate the fillet of bonito and season with a few salt flakes. Add a little cochineal sauce. Around it, arrange the rounds and triangles. Decorate with flowers and herbs.