INGREDIENTS served for 4

For the meringue:
75 gr. of liquid egg whites
150 gr. of sugar
30 cl. of water
For the filling:
150 gr. of butter
150 gr. of  praline
150 gr. of almond powder
150 gr. crème pâtissière
6 leaves of gelatine
For the cake: 
450 gr. of liquid egg whites
375 gr. of sugar
300 gr. of almond powder
70 gr.   of  cornstarch
Other ingredients needed: 
cocoa powder
chocolate leaves


For the meringue: 
Blend the liquid egg whites with 30 gr. of sugar with a mixer until whipped. At the same time, bring the water with 120 gr. of sugar to the boil. When boiled, gradually add the previously whipped egg whites and keep beating until hardened.  Allow to cool.
For the filling: 
Put the butter inside the mixer until soft and add the almond praline. Then, add the lukewarm crème pâtissière and blend the whole. When mixed, add the almond powder. Keep beating; soak the gelatine leaves and drain. Add a bit of the dough to the gelatine and, when completely blended, add the remaining dough and blend again.  Finally, add the whipped meringue already cold to the mixture and blend again until mixed. Set aside in the fridge to keep it cold.
For the cake: 
Beat the egg whites stiff with the sugar. Meanwhile, strain the almond powder and the cornstarch through a sieve and blend well not allowing it to become lumpy. Once the egg whites are whipped, add them gradually to the almond and cornstarch mixture without stop kneading with your hands. Fill a piping bag with the resulting dough and make two circumferences. Cook in a 180º C preheated oven for 14 min.


Use one of the cake circumferences as the base of the cake. Fill the piping bag with the filling and make balls until the whole area of the base is filled. Once covered with balls, seal using the other circumference. To finish, sprinkle with cocoa and accompany with thin slices of 70% chocolate.