Dough I:                                          
8 gr. active dry yeast
20 gr. icing sugar
160 ml. warm water

Dough II:                                          
280 gr. low-protein flour
100 gr. wheat starch
70 gr. icing sugar         
30 gr. lard
dough I

Dough III:                                        
10 gr. baking powder
10 ml. water
dough II

50 gr. garlic
250 gr. shallot
400 gr. black trumpet mushrooms
150 gr. butter
30 ml. cream

dough III

Milk skin:                                        
500 ml. full-fat milk

Black and red radish:                      
1 black radish
1 red radish

Creamed spicy radish:                     
500 gr. red radishes
50 gr. old-fashioned mustard
8 gr. agar-agar

Turtle dove:                                      
1 turtle dove


Dough I: Mix the ingredients and leave to stand for about 10 min.
Dough II: Mix the dry ingredients and add the previous mixture with the lard and knead until smooth. Leave to rise to double the size (about 30 min.).
Dough III: Dissolve the baking powder in the water and add to the above mixture. Knead.
Filling: Gently fry the garlic and shallot and add the trumpets. When softened, finish with the cream. Reduce and blend coarsely.
Bun: Fill the dough with the creamed black trumpets and cook in the steam oven for 15 min.
Milk skin: Heat the milk and wait for the skin to form on the surface. Remove carefully and place on kitchen film brushed with cream.
Black and red radish: With an electric slicer, cut into very thin slices.
Creamed spicy radish: Liquidise the radishes to form 500 ml. of liquid. Add the agar-agar, heat and spread on a dish to cool. Process the resulting jelly with the mustard, then strain.
Turtle dove: Clean the turtle dove. Warm then sear in a hot pan, first the neck then the breasts, just long enough to brown it. Leave to stand. Place in the oven at 180ºC for 1 min. Leave to stand again and bone.


Place a touch of creamed spicy radish at the centre of the slices of black radish and arrange 2 on each plate. Top each with a mint leaf, a slice of red radish and chives. At the centre place the turtle dove breast, the bun topped with the milk skin (seasoned with grey salt) and finish with a bundle of enoki mushrooms lightly seared on the griddle.