600 gr large squid weighing over 150 gr each
1 spring onion
1 green pepper
Sechouan pepper
500 ml water.

Oat milk
200 gr oats
3 dl milk
3 gr salt
3 gr black pepper
1 dl truffle oil.

100 gr veal sweetbreads
100 gr spring onion
Whole peppercorns
500 ml water.

100 gr macadamia nuts
200 gr fairy ring mushrooms (marasmius oreades)
1 dl olive oil
2 dl stock from cooking the sweetbreads.

300 gr young onions
Squid skins.

Fresh herbs
20 gr rocket shoots
20 gr fresh chervil leaves.


Wash the squid and set aside the skins. Cut the squid into even-sized, rectangular pieces as large as possible and keep the trimmings. Pile up the pieces on top of each other and wrap the block in cooking film. Freeze. When frozen, slice into thin strips using an electric slicer. Soak the oats in the milk for 10 minutes. Drain and season with salt and pepper. Keep the truffle oil until the last minute. Sauté the sliced spring onion with the sweetbreads. Season with salt and pepper and cover with the water. Cook for 20 minutes. Keep the cooking water. Cut the sweetbreads into dice measuring 5 by 5 mm. and griddle until brown. Sauté the fairy ring mushrooms and the macadamia nuts in the olive oil. Make into a fine cream in the blender with the water from cooking the sweetbreads. Strain and place in a siphon. Close the siphon and insert a gas cylinder. Sauté the squid skins and trimmings with a few drops of olive oil. Extract the juice by letting the squid sweat, then reduce to half to concentrate the flavour. Cut the spring onions into four and blanch. Sauté with a few drops of olive oil, and add to the squid juice.


Blanch the squid strips for ten seconds in the squid stock with the spring onion, green pepper and Sechouan pepper. Place on top of the cooked spring onion on a soup plate using a metal ring 5 cm in diameter. Drizzle the truffle oil into the oat-flavoured milk and pour around the spring onion and squid. Apply the macadamia foam to the squid strips. Sprinkle with rocket shoots and chervil leaves, as well as the browned swee