Castela cake: 
720 gr. of eggs
400 gr. of strongly sifted flour
400 gr. of sugar
100 ml. of milk
180 ml. of honey 
 20 gr. of green powdered matcha tea
Matcha tea and yogurt mousse : 
390 gr. of natural yogurt
12 gr. of green matcha tea
600 gr. of fat free white cheese
200 gr. Italian meringue
20 gr. of leaf of gelatine
600 ml. of beaten egg white containing 32% fat
Other ingredients needed:   
Qty / Req neutral gelatine
marine fennel candy


Castela cake:
Heat the egg and sugar to 60º C. When hot, beat the mixture with a mixer. After around 3 min., add the milk and the honey preheated to 45º C. Pour the well beaten mixture into a bowl and gradually add the sifted flour with the bicarbonate and the green tea with a spatula. Pour the dough into a wooden recipe box -specifically designed for oven cooking-covered with silicon coated paper measuring 59 x 39 cm and 5,5 cm in height with 1cm to spare around the edge. Bake at 180º C for 10 minutes and then at 150º C for between 40 and 50 min. The final result should have an intense gold hue. Remove from the oven and rest the cake on a tray previously coated with crease free cling film. Leave to cool and seal with cling film. Allow to set for one day then leave in a cold store.The cake can be made without green matcha tea by substituting the 20 gr. of tea for the same quantity of honey. If this option is preferred try adding honey with a more intense flavour.
Matcha tea and yogurt mousse:
For the Italian meringue, beat 100 gr. of egg white with a mixer and add 200 gr. of sugar to 90 ml. of boiled water at 120º C, pour the sugar gradually over the egg whites at medium speed. Keep beating until cold. Put the yogurt, tea and cheese inside a mixer and blend until the mixture is even; add the Italian meringue. Melt 100 gr. of this mixture with the previously hydrated and strained gelatine without allowing the mixture to boil. Pour over the rest of the ingredients and blend until the coating is fine and even. Add whipped cream to taste.


Put a sheet of silicon coated paper over a 60 x 40 cm tray with a 2cm rim, pour the mousse and smooth out over the height of the frame, place the matcha tea cake upside down over the mousse and soak the cake with a light syrup. Seal with cling film and store in a freezer. To finish remove the cake from the freezer when the mousse is frozen. Turn over so the mousse stays on top. Add a thin layer of neutral gelatine and cut into portions as desired. To decorate the cake, sprinkle with a little matcha tea powder and marine fennel candy using a sieve.