Dehydrated celeriac in a salt crust
Celeriac foam
Fermented celeriac
Fresh buttermilk cheese
Buerre Noisette
Cured celeriac cheese
For the celeriac in a salt crust

To make the salt crust, mix 3 kg white flour, 3 kg sea salt, 150 gr oil and 1,450 gr water and knead for 8 minutes until well mixed and smooth. Roll out evenly until about 1 cm. thick. Place a whole celeriac on the dough and wrap up, ensuring no pockets of air are formed. Use a blowtorch to harden the crust and create a protective layer before baking. We then cook the celeriac over an open fire in the restaurant, turning it constantly to ensure it cooks evenly. When cooked, peel and leave to dry out overnight (for 6 hours). Chill, then use an electric slicer to cut into wafers. Any pieces that are too small to slice can be cut finely and left until very dry, then crushed to a coarse powder that can be used in the cured cheese.
Celeriac foam
Liquidise celeriac. Boil the juice, clarify and pour through a muslin cloth, then reduce to intensify the flavour and beat with butter and salt. Fermented celeriac
Peel celeriac and cut into julienne slices. Liquidise sufficient celeriac to cover the julienne, add 2% salt to the juice (first dissolve the salt in a little juice before adding). Place the julienne in a sterile container, cover with the juice and leave to stand at room temperature for several months or until fermented. Store in a cool place.
Fresh buttermilk cheese
Heat the buttermilk over a low heat until it “rises” and starts to separate. Discard any whey and hang in a muslin cloth.
Beurre noisette
Heat “beurre noisette” until dark brown, then turn off the heat and add sherry vinegar. (Always use a tall pan because the mixture will expand when the vinegar is added). Cured celeriac cheese 1 litre fresh cream 1 litre fresh milk Rennet
Salt crust from the celeriac Heat the cream and milk together to 35º C. Turn off the heat and add 5 or 6 drops of rennet, stirring gently with a spatula. Leave to stand at room temperature for 6 hours then transfer to a muslin cloth and leave to drain in the refrigerator for 3 or 4 days. Take another muslin cloth and sprinkle with the powdered salt crust from the celeriac. Top with the fresh cheese then sprinkle with more of the powdered salt crust. Wrap in the muslin and hang at 12-14ºC for 1 to 2 months. Once the desired flavour has been obtained, the cheese can be used sous vide to make it last longer.