CHAMELEON CRYSTALS (2015) – Gin-Pisco-Lime-Purple mint-Chilli-Soy

40 ml hybrid of Tanqueray No.Ten and Waqar Pisco flavoured with Szechuan pepper (Timur) and perilla mint
30 ml Lillet Blanc
10 ml lime juice
5 ml yuzu
15 ml cypress syrup
A few drops of essence of chilli (Chilli droplet)
A few drops of soy sauce

500 gr sugar
250 ml water
5 drops cypress oil

Hybrid of gin and Pisco

400 ml Tanqueray No.Ten
200 ml Waqar Pisco
6 leaves purple mint (Perilla frutescens)
20 coriander leaves
18 grains Szechuan pepper (Timur)

syrup: Mix the sugar and oil in a non-reactive container. Transfer to a pan, add the water and boil over a medium heat. Leave to cool, then keep in an airtight container.
Hybrid of gin and Pisco:
Mix all the ingredients in a non-reactive container and blend 1 minute (supersonic), cycle 90, level 9.

Shake all the ingredients vigorously with some ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. Strain through a very fine strainer, and serve on ice in iced glasses.