Foie gras yoghurt:
200g mi-cuit foie gras
400g Greek yoghurt
40g sugar

Oporto nitro gel:
1 litre Oporto
½ litre cherry juice
60g vegetable gellifier

Creamed cheese:
200g Parmesan cheese
300g cream
200g milk


For the foie gras yoghurt: Cut the foie gras into small pieces. Place on a metal sheet covered with parchment paper at 30ºC so that they release some of their fat content. Sprinkle with sugar and set aside. Place the foie gras in the Thermomix and blend at medium speed to make a thin, smooth paste. Add the yoghurt and blend again. Strain through a fine chinois and transfer to small piping bags. Fill semi-spherical moulds with foie gras yoghurt and freeze. When frozen, turn out and stick the two halves together. Stick on a needle and set aside.
Oporto nitro gel: Place the Oporto in a pan and reduce to half. Mix with the cherry juice to make one litre. Mix with the vegetable gellifier and return to the heat. Bring to the boil, then keep at about 65ºC. Holding the needles, dip the spheres first into nitrogen then into the gellifier to make the cherry skin. Chill.
Creamed cheese: Place the grated cheese with the cream in a pan and heat until creamy. Then blend and strain through a fine chinois. Transfer to a siphon with two cartridges and chill.


Squeeze out three drops of creamed cheese, top each with a cherry and finish each with a stalk.