Sable dough
500 gr butter
250 gr icing sugar
10 gr salt
2 eggs
1kg durum wheat flour
Saffron cream
500 gr cream
10 gr honey
60 gr sugar
5 egg yolks
15 threads saffron
Chocolate mousse
450 gr extra bitter chocolate covering
200 gr milk
6 egg yolks
800 gr unsweetened cream
Steamed apples with honey and sugar


Sable dough: Mix the butter with the salt and sugar. Little by little add the flour and, finally, the eggs. Work the dough very lightly, just enough to mix the ingredients well and obtain a sandy texture.
Steamed apples with honey and sugar: Peel the apples and cut into 8 pieces. Place in a pan with the honey and sugar. Cover and steam.
Saffron cream: Make a crème anglaise using all the ingredients given and flavour with saffron.
Chocolate mousse: Mix all the ingredients to make a very light mousse.


Line a mould with the sable dough. Place the apples and saffron cream inside it and cook. Leave to cool. Cover with chocolate mousse. Leave to cool, then paint over the surface using a spray.