300 g Santander 70% chocolate 
250 g sugar-free yoghurt 
2000 g coconut
30 g lemon zest
40 g lemon grass 
150 g Colombian polyfloral honey
500 g coconut milk 
120 g Colombian coffee
10 g organic Colombian vanilla pod Hydrogel (gelatine balls)



Cook the coconut until it bursts. Peel, grate the flesh and liquidise. Infuse the liquidised grated coconut with the grated lemon and lemon grass. Transfer to a vacuum pack. Cook at 65ºC in a Roner oven for 24 hours. Liquidise and strain. Melt the chocolate over a bain-marie. Add the yoghurt and honey and stir in. Infuse the sugar with the vanilla and powdered coffee, and set aside. Boil water, remove from the heat and add hydrogel. Hydrate for 4 hours.


Chocolate and coconut infusion at 50ºC. Coffee and vanilla sugar. Hydrogel. 3000 ml cold water. Towel. The idea of this dish is to stimulate the 3 main areas of the brain: first the rational area, by going against what is expected, then the limbic part by generating gastronomic emotions and bringing back memories of childhood. Finally, when the customer licks his or her fingers, the reptile part is stimulated, arousing the basic survival instinct of eating. The customer must first wash his hands using a biodegradable towel. Pour the warm chocolate mixture over the customer’s hands as if to wash them then sprinkle with the sugar mixture. The customer should lick the preparation off his fingers. He then rubs his hands with the hydrogel, then washes them in the cold water and dries them with a towel.