Cinnamon Bonito

INGREDIENTS (to serve 4):

2 gr powdered cinnamon.
100 gr toasted bread.
40 gr olive oil
Juice of 1 lemon 
1 onion, cooked 
Salt and pepper

Belly of bonito:
400 gr belly of bonito, with the skin on, washed
Salt, ginger

Chopped nuts: 
gr millet
2 gr powdered nori
5 gr pine nuts 
5 gr pistachios 
2 gr chia (salvia hispanica)
2 gr canary grass 
10 Marcona almonds
Rind of half an orange 

Cinnamon sticks: 
4 cinnamon sticks 
100 gr oil 
1 gr powdered cinnamon

100 gr orange juice
40 gr soy sauce 
20 gr lemon juice 
1 gr powdered cinnamon
Also: 4 glass domes

For the dip:  Blend all the ingredients. Season with salt and pepper and add a little sugar. 

For the belly of bonito: Cut the bonito into rectangles (2 per person). One should be slightly larger than the other. Season and flavour with a little ginger. Griddle with a drop of oil, only on the skin side. Remove the skin, spread the fish with the dip and finish under the grill. Set aside.

For the chopped nuts: Roast the nuts separately. Leave to cool then chop roughly. Mix all the ingredients and season.

For the cinnamon sticks:Carefully mix the powdered cinnamon with the oil. Place the sticks in the oil. 

For the sauce: Mix all the ingredients except for the cinnamon and boil for 1 minute. Add the cinnamon and leave to stand.

TO SERVE:Stand the tuna fillets upright on the dish. Take a cinnamon stick and set fire to one end. Blow out the flame, and lie the stick to one side of the dish. Cover with a glass dome. The smoke from the cinnamon will lightly smoke the bonito inside the dome. Remove the dome at the table.