INGREDIENTS for 10 pax.

For the carrot juice:
2.000 gr of carrots
For the tangerine concentrate:
500 gr of juice from Simone Gatto tangerines
For the bitter coconut ice:
60 gr soluble powdered coconut
150 gr water
0'01gr bitter almond flavouring
1gr curry powder


For the carrot juice
Peel the carrots and cut off the ends. Blend the peeled carrots and save the juice. For the tangerine concentrate: Let the tangerine juice stand without moving it at all for 24 hours so that it settles and the pulp separates from the liquid.

Remove the liquid from the top with a syringe until reaching the pulp. In this way it is not necessary to touch the bowl and the concentrate does not re-mix with the liquid. Freeze the pulp to obtain a tangerine ice.

NOTE: This dish may be made in a different version, substituting the tangerine concentrate with bitter coconut ice.
For the bitter coconut ice: Dilute the coconut powder in the water. Add the bitter almond flavouring and place in the freezer to obtain an iced texture.

NOTE: The curry will be used when putting the dish on its plate, placing a drop to the side of the coconut ice.


Emulsify the carrot juice using the blender at the top to introduce the maximum amount of air and make a foam which, due to its volatility, we will call a cloud. Place a spoonful of tangerine concentrate ice on the plate. With a spoon, take the upper part of the carrot mixture, only the cloud, and distribute approximately 10 spoonfuls around the plate and on the tangerine concentrate.