INGREDIENTS (for 10 pax)

Base:                           ½ coca bread

Garnish:                     2 extra long aubergines

                                    200 gr. ripe tomatoes

                                    1 bundle spring onions

                                    5 herring fillets


Sauce:                        50 gr. black olive paste

                                   100 ml. virgin olive oil

Others:                       ½ bundle chives


Base: Open up the coca bread and toast lightly in the oven. Cut into rectangles measuring 9 x 4 cm. (3½ x 1½").

Garnish: Roast the aubergines then leave to cool and peel. Peel, seed and dice the tomatoes. Cut the herring into strips measuring 3 x 0.5 cm (1 x ¼").   

Sauce: Mix the black olive paste with the olive oil.


Place the tomato, aubergine, herring and spring onions on the coca bread base. Add some olive sauce and sprinkle with chopped chives.