Cocoa pods
Cocoa pods 70% cocoa
Raspberry jelly
1000 gr raspberry purée
35 gr sugar
45 gr inverted sugar
16 gr gelatine sheets
35 gr lemon juice
Light chocolate mousse
325 gr crème anglaise
45 gr inverted sugar
250 gr 70% cocoa covering
75 gr guanuja paste
900 gr whipped cream
56 gr gelatine sheets
266 gr water + 50% fruit purée
912 gr sugar
300 gr inverted sugar
380 gr inverted sugar
14 drops of natural rose oil or other flavour
Chocolate sponge
125 gr eggs
200 gr sugar
175 gr pastry flour type 45
15 gr baking powder
250 gr milk
175 gr virgin olive oil
150 gr 70% cocoa black chocolate


Cocoa pods:
Temper some chocolate and mould the halved cocoa pods. When set, fill with marshmallows and close by first spreading chocolate on parchment then using it to seal the half pod. Leave to cool then turn out. Set aside at 15ºC.
Respberry jelly: Heat 10% of the purée with the two types of sugar, and add the soaked and drained gelatine sheets. Add the rest of the purée with the lemon juice, pour into the cocoa pods and freeze.
Light chocolate mousse: Heat the crème anglaise and strain onto the covering and cocoa paste. Form an emulsion at 40ºC. Carefully fold in the whipped cream. (The cream must be only lightly whipped).
Marshmallows: Cook the sugar with the purée, inverted sugar and water at 110ºC. Pour onto the second amount of inverted sugar and beat. Soak the gelatine sheets, then drain and melt in the microwave and add. Add the drops of rose water or whatever flavour you prefer and beat in the electric beater until a dropping texture. Spread into a frame on a silpat, leave to stand for 12 hours then cut.
Chocolate sponge: Beat the eggs with the sugar until a dropping texture. Add the cream and milk. Melt the covering at 45ºC and stir in the olive oil. Pour onto the egg mixture then fold in the sieved flour and baking powder. Leave to stand for 12 hours at 4ºC. Stir to remove any air and transfer to baking pans measuring 60 x 40 cm. Bake at 160ºC for 12 minutes.


Pour some light mousse into the half pod, add the raspberry jelly then pour on another layer of light mousse. Finish with the chocolate sponge. Freeze and glaze with raspberry glaze. Place the half pod with raspberries on top of the other half pod containing chocolate and marshmallows. Decorate with a touch of gold and enjoy!