INGREDIENTS (to serve 10)

Coconut sponge: 
100 ml. milk
150 gr. grated coconut
100 gr. sugar
100 gr. eggs
Raspberry coulis:       
250 gr. fresh raspberries
25 gr. sugar
10 ml. lemon juice
Lychee sorbet:
350 gr. lychee purée
25 gr. sugar
30 gr. atomized glucose
8 cl. water


Coconut sponge: 
Heat the milk. Mix the grated coconut with the sugar, and pour the warm milk over the mixture. Beat in the eggs one by one. Leave to stand in the refrigerator.
Raspberry coulis :
Beat all the ingredients and strain through a chinois. Add sugar, if needed.
Lychee sorbet: 
Make a syrup then leave to cool. When cool, mix with the lychee purée.


Pour the sponge mixture into a round pan Æ 50, and bake at 200ºC for 6 minutes. When cool, place at the centre of a plate. Make a hole in the centre of the sponge. Top with some raspberries cut in half. Add a quenelle of lychee sorbet. Decorate the plate with raspberry coulis.