INGREDIENTS (to serve 4)

400 gr desalted neck of cod
50 gr sea urchin flesh
50 cl free-range chicken stock
50 cl almond milk
200 gr Iberico pork ear
1 spring onion
1 carrot
Black pepper
50 gr cod tripe
40 gr red chard sprouts
20 gr St George's mushrooms (Calocybe gambosa)
20 gr green asparagus


Choose 4 necks of cod weighing about 100 gr each, and 4 cm in diameter. With a sharp knife, cut off the horizontal line of small flakes, leaving only the central part with large flakes. Cook the pig's ear with the vegetables and pepper for 40 minutes in the pressure cooker, adding the tripe for the last 20 minutes. Remove the meat from the ears (the skin and gelatine), trying to leave the cartilage whole. Trim the cartilage to make a rectangle as large as possible. Cut into noodles and set aside. Chop the cartilage trimmings into 2 mm. dice, together with the tripe and the ear meat (set aside about 20 dice of ear meat). Make an emulsion of the sea urchins with the almond milk and stock in the blender then strain through a fine strainer. Fry the dice of ear meat that have been set aside until crisp. Dress the cartilage noodles and the red chard sprouts with olive oil and a few drops of balsamic vinegar. Insert the pieces of cod in the water used for cooking the tripe and ear, and heat at 42ºC for 15 minutes. Make a natural foam of the sea urchin cream using a coffee-machine steam nozzle.


Stand the piece of cod vertically on top of a spoonful of cubes of tripe and ear. Circle with a spoonful of sea urchin foam, and garnish with the ear noodles, red chard sprouts, fried pieces of ear and a few 1 mm dice of raw mushrooms and asparagus.