Red pepper oil                                 
15 Kg. red peppers
100 gr. sugar
1 string Ibérico chorizo
1 string smoked Ibérico blood sausage
4 heads Las Pedroñeras purple garlic
2 l. mild virgin olive oil

Parsley oil:                                       
150 gr. parsley leaves
1l. mild virgin olive oil

4 eggs
350 ml. chicken stock, clarified
100 gr. country bread
2 heads Las Pedroñeras purple garlic
100 gr. Serrano ham
60 ml. parsley oil
60 ml. red pepper oil
4 gr. isinglass
Sunflower oil


Red pepper oil: Liquidise the red peppers after first removing any white membranes. Reduce in a pan with the sugar to 1/5. Chop the chorizo, blood sausage and garlic and confit in the olive oil. Remove the meats and garlic from the oil and add to it the reduced red pepper juice. Beat until smooth. Season with salt and cumin.
Parsley oil: Mix the ingredients in the robot at maximum speed for 5 min. Strain and cool as fast as possible.
Soup: Blanch the eggs, discard the white and retain the yolk. Place the yolk in a cocktail glass. Heat the stock and aromatise with 1 head of garlic cut in two. Add the isinglass and leave to cool down. Meanwhile, thinly slice the bread and rub the slices with the other head of garlic. Cut the bread into 1 x 1 cm dice and toast in the oven at 180ºC for 4 min. Cut the ham as finely as possible and fry in sunflower oil. Do the same with the garlic until brown. Finely chop a little of the fried ham and garlic and set aside.


Cover the egg yolk in the cocktail glass with the warm stock then chill. When set, top with a little red pepper oil, with a little parsley oil round it. Then add a pinch of powdered garlic and chopped ham. Finish with three pieces of toasted garlic bread, fried ham, chervil and chives.