For the foie gras tub: 
200 g. foie gras                                                                       Sal
For the vainilla sugar:
1 cup sugar (200 g.)
1 vanilla bean
And also:
6 bamboo skewers
1 bag of cornuts (8 oz.)


Foie gras terrine: Chill and cut the foie gras into ½-inch cubes and lightly salt the foie gras cubes.

Vanilla sugar: Split the vanilla bean pod, scrape out the seeds and add them to the sugar. Let the sugar mixture rest for, at least, 24 hours so the sugar takes on the flavor of the vanilla.


Crush the cornuts, not too fine but more of a granular texture. Place the foie gras chunks on the skewers, one per skewer, and roll in the foie gras in the cornuts to coat. Heat the cotton candy machine and, once hot, add the vanilla sugar mixture to the machine. When the cotton candy begins to form, dip the foie gras skewer and twirl to cover.