INGREDIENTS (to serve 6)

1 crab weighing 1.7 kg
8 litres water
300 gr salt
4 litres water for cooking the crab
2 kg
ice for refreshing the crab
Vegetable stock

100 ml water
100 gr onion
75 gr celery
75 gr carrot
75 gr leek

Sea urchin stock

210 gr canned sea urchins
135 gr vegetable stock
2.5 gr soluble red colouring
loody mary
21 ml tomato juice
2.5 ml vodka
2.5 ml lemon juice
1.5 gr salt
Worcestershire sauce

Bloody marine

Ingredients to serve 6:
345 ml sea urchin stock
49.5 ml Bloody mary

Chilli pepper

1 chilli pepper

Powdered chilli pepper

1 sweet chilli pepper

Sea urchin mayonnaise

54 gr canned sea urchins
9.9 gr sunflower oil


18 red verbena flowers, 18 white verbena flowers, 18 red sage flowers.

: Boil the crabs for 12 minutes. Stop the cooking by adding the water and ice. When cold, remove from the iced water. Clean the crab using tweezers and break the shell of the claws using a nutcracker. Form 18 gr portions and transfer to bowls. Cover with kitchen film and chill.
Vegetable stock
: Place the vegetables in a medium-sized pan, cook for half an hour, then strain. Transfer the stock to vacuum packs and chill.
Sea urchin stock:
Place the sea urchins in a measuring beaker, add the vegetable stock and blend. Add the red colouring, mix well and chill.
Bloody Mary
: Mix the ingredients in a measuring beaker, strain and chill.
Bloody marine
: Mix the ingredients in a measuring beaker, strain and chill.
Chilli pepper:
Flatten the pepper then cut into 1 mm strips. Place in bowls with paper to absorb any moisture. Set aside in a cool place. 
Powdered chilli:
Remove the seeds, and leave to dry on a hot surface for 48 hours. Crush in a mortar, then strain.
Sea urchin mayonnaise
: Place the sea urchins in a measuring beaker and blend using a kitchen robot. Gradually add the oil to form an emulsion, then transfer to a squeezer bottle.

Make a strip of sea urchin mayonnaise 1 cm wide and 8 cm long along the bottom right corner of the dish.
Place the crab on top of the sea urchin strip, giving it volume and making it look like a crest.

Place 3 drops of sea urchin mayonnaise along the crab crest, and top each drop with a sage flower.
Place two strips of chilli pepper, one on each side, one on the inside and the other on the outside of the crest.
At the centre of the plate, form a circle with 6 drops of sea urchin mayonnaise plus another drop in the middle, and top each drop with verbena flowers (3 white and 3 red). Opposite the crab, add a pinch of chilli pepper.
Serve 15 ml of bloody marine in a small jug. Place the plate and the jug on a tray.