CREAMED HERRING (Granny Olga’s recipe)


Herrings in vinegar:

400 gr fresh herrings

100 gr vinegar

20 gr sugar

180 cc water

1 juniper berry

180 gr onion

1 bay leaf

1 gr pepper

0.2 gr cloves

0.3 gr dried chilli pepper

10 gr juniper

Potato foam:

328 gr potatoes

72 gr cream

30 cc vinegar



4 gas cartridges

Potato salad:

328 gr potatoes

37 gr plain yoghurt

37 gr goats’ cheese

1 gr dill

30 gr white onion

30 gr pickled peppers

Colatura caviar:

1 kg fish bones

100 gr onion

100 gr celery

100 gr fennel

100 gr carrot

100 gr leek

30 gr tomato extract

1600 cc water

120 gr Colatura

6 gr alginate

6 gr calcium chloride

Fish gribenes:

50 gr cornalitos (Odontesthes incisa) 



For the caviar, remember that this should be prepared one day in advance.

Herring: Fillet the herring and remove the skin and any bones. Cover the fillets with sea salt and leave to stand for 6 hours. Remove the salt and rinse well in cold water.

Marinade: In a pan, place the vinegar, water, sugar, juniper, onion, bay leaf, chilli pepper, clove, peppercorns, salt and mustard seeds. Cook the marinade for a few minutes to intensify the aromas. Leave to cool.

Arrange the herring fillets in a suitable container and add the marinade. Chill for 24 hours.

Potato foam: Cook the potatoes in plenty of water until soft. While still hot, place in a blender, add the cream and some of the cooking water and blend to a smooth, creamy consistency. Add salt and vinegar and transfer to a siphon and chill.

Potato salad: Cut the potatoes into 1 cm cubes, then cook in boiling water until soft. Remove from the water to prevent them from cooking further.

In a bowl, mix the yoghurt, goats’ cheese, chopped dill, finely diced onion and small gherkins. Add the potato cubes, and season with salt and pepper. 

Caviar: Make a fumet with the fish bones and chopped vegetables. Filter and leave to cool. Take 400 cc of the fumet and fortify with the colatura to enhance the flavour. Add 6 gr alginate and spherify over 400 gr water with 3 gr calcium.

Fish gribenes: Fry the fresh cornalitos in corn oil until crisp. Dry and chop finely.


First serve the potato foam, then the potato salad, and top with the pickled herring. Add a spoonful of caviar and gribenes. Decorate with fresh dill and chive sprouts. Endive leaves make the perfect accompaniment.