750 gr lobster
2 cc dill 

Egg yolks 
Olive oil
Rice wine

For the lobster: Cook the lobster in boiling water for 1½ minutes. Remove the flesh from the shell, remove the head, claws and joints and set aside for the furikake. Mix the sugar, salt and dill in a bowl and coat the lobster tail with the mixture. Set aside for 3 hours. Remove the mixture and cut the top of the lobster into medallions as if for sashimi. Cut the tail lengthwise into four rectangular pieces. 
For the charred leeks: Trim the leeks and grill until fairly dark brown and charred. Place in a bag and cook sous-vide at 85ºC for 20 minutes. Reserve the green leaves of the leeks to make ashes and any trimmings to make the leek consommé. Keep the hearts for serving. Grill and eason with a little butter and salt.
For the emulsion of leek ashes: Make a mayonnaise with the burnt leek trimmings. Start by charring them in the oven. When charred, pulverise in a grinder. Place the egg yolks and olive oil in a blender, add the ashes and beat until the mixture has the consistency of mayonnaise.
For the lobster furikake: Place the joints and claws of the lobster chopped into small pieces plus 1 spoonful of rice wine in a pan. Mix and cook slowly, stirring all the time until the meat is completely dry and turns into very flavoursome threads. Season with togarashi and salt.
For the leek consommé: Place the previously grilled leek trimmings in a vacuum pack. The proportion should be 250 ml water per kilo of leeks. Cook in the oven at 90ºC (80%)  overnight (14 hours). Drain off any juices,
freeze in a block, then microfilter to give a golden brown liquid. Check for
salt and chill.

TO SERVE: Just before serving, heat the large pieces of lobster tail in an emulsion of butter and serve hot. With the medallions at room temperature, season with a little melted butter and serve. It is very important that the lobster should not becooked too much. The preparations should not make it change colour. It should be translucent up to the last minute.