For 500 gr. cuttlefish noodles:
200 gr. of cuttlefish meat
300 ml. of cocoa cream
For 200 gr. of baked shallots (eschallots):
200 gr. of shallots
50 ml. of extra virgin olive oil                                      
salt and sugar
For 50 gr. of salt and pepper lemon:
1.5 gr. of grated lemon grind
15 gr. of grey salt
2 gr. of black pepper
For 125 gr. of garlic and lemon paste:        
25 gr. of ground garlic
50 ml. of lemon juice
50 ml. of olive oil


For the cuttlefish noodles:
Clean the cuttlefish and set the white meat aside. Dice the white meat into 1.5 cm. pieces. Put the cocoa cream followed by the cuttlefish inside a food processor taking care that the cuttlefish meat does not stick to the bottom. Grind until blended and stir from top to bottom. Pour the mixture into a piping bag. Allow the paste to flow into a feeding bottle through the bag. Bang the feeding bottle over a stiff surface to take all the remaining air out it. Attach a long nozzle to the bottle. Boil the water to between 55 and 58º C and carefully add the paste little by little in a continuous thread. Boil for about 10 min. until the centre is tender. Remove the paste with a skimmer and place it on a tray giving it a spiral shape. Allow to cool. Cut the paste over sulphur-coated paper painted with oil leaving the reminder aside. You should obtain a 55 gr. paste spiral.
For the baked shallots:
Take the shallot roots leaving the centre and skins intact. Cut the shallots into two halves. Paint the cut side with olive oil, salt and sugar. Place this side over a non-stick frying pan and cook until the sugar caramelizes. Finish cooking in an oven at 170° C for 8 min. Set aside in a warm place.
For the lemon, salt and pepper:
Blend thoroughly.
For the garlic and lemon paste:
Blend all the ingredients together homogeneously.


Paint the top of the cuttlefish noodle spiral with olive oil. Brown rapidly on a grill at 300° C. Deglaze with lemon juice and reduce until the excess juice evaporates. Remove the noodle with a spatula, place the cooked side on sulphur-coated paper and varnish generously with garlic and lemon paste. Season with lemon, salt and pepper. Cook the side that is not brown so as to cook the garlic slightly. Heat the shallots.